Homemade Hot Chocolate (& Printable Stencil)

Homemade Hot Cholcoate and Mug Stencil

Normally, February in Utah is a bit more snowy and a bit more freezing, but lately we’ve been hitting temps in the low 60’s.

Utah seems to be having a climate crisis, but a mug full of piping hot chocolate is always ok in my book, regardless of the weather.

Jazz it up with a splash of Baileys and a cute topper and you’ve got a winner!

I combined 4 cups of milk and 1/2 cup of heavy cream together and simmered on the stove until warm.

Next, I mixed in one 11.5 ounce bag of chocolate chips, stirring constantly until melted. I used gourmet milk chocolate baking chips, but you can use any type of chip you want. If you want a less sweet hot chocolate, only use 3/4 of the bag.

Homemade Hot Cholcoate and Mug Stencil-5

When it has all melted, it’s a smooth chocolatey dream.

Pick your favorite mug and pour! If you want to spike it, add 1 Tbsp. of Bailey’s Irish Cream in each mug and stir.

I used really tall mugs (yours might be smaller) and this amount filled up three of them perfectly.

Homemade Hot Cholcoate and Mug Stencil-12

Now, let’s get to the fun part…

Homemade Hot Cholcoate and Mug Stencil-7

How darling are these stencils from Peter Loves Jane?! You can download your own here.

I just cut them out with a pair of scissors, but you could easily use a Silhouette too.

Homemade Hot Cholcoate and Mug Stencil-10Homemade Hot Cholcoate and Mug Stencil-11

Place the stencil over the top of your mug and dust with any type of powdered topping you like. I used cocoa powder (because who doesn’t want more chocolate) but you could use cinnamon too!

Homemade Hot Cholcoate and Mug Stencil-9Homemade Hot Cholcoate and Mug Stencil-4

I love unexpected details and this one is too cute.

How could you pass up a mug that looked that good…? I know I couldn’t.

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