Thank You Cards

10 of the Cutest Thank You Cards1). Neon (Sold out, Similar) – $5.00, 2). Merci – $16 for set of 8, 3). Donuts – $5.00,

4). Lollipop – $3.99 for set of 10 5). Colorblock – $16 for set of 8, 6). Hostess – $4.50,

7). Cactus – $4.50, 8). Floral – $9.99 for set of 36 9). Palms – $17.95 for set of 10,

10). Pineapple – $15.00 for set of 10


In this crazy world that we’re all living in nowadays, sending anything in the mail is pretty uncommon, let alone a “thank you”.

It’s too easy to send a simple text, email, or even a snapchat “thanks”.

But, it’s about freakin’ time we brought traditional mail back! It’s not dead so USE it!

When you get an unexpected envelope or package in the mail, you can’t tell me that it doesn’t make you feel extra special. (I know I do!) And no, I’m not talking about junk mail or a letter from the bank…I’m talking about something that’s personal and that someone took time to send and actually put some thought into. They paid for postage too…they went and bought stamps! (I don’t know about you, but I never seem to have any stamps on hand when I need them!)

After today, you have no excuse. I’m sharing the 10 cutest thank you card designs out there and helping de-bunk the questions you might have about thank you card etiquette!

Don’t wait. Most thank you’s should be sent within a week of receiving a gift or attending a special event. Wedding gift thank you’s should be sent within three months of receiving the item. So enjoy that honeymoon, but send them after you’re back! If you wait much longer, you’ll talk yourself out of it because you’ll think it’s too late to send one.

Make sure to reference why you’re sending the thank you. If you received a gift, reference the actual item. This way, they’ll know you actually opened it and paid attention to what it was! Same goes for attending an event. Thank them for inviting you to the specific event you attended. (And talk about how much fun you had too!) If a friend did something extra special for you, or you’ve crashed at a friend’s place while on vacation, send a thank you.

If you attended an event that was less than stellar or received a gift that you didn’t like, don’t mention it in your thank you! Instead focus on the actual act of being invited or the thought that went into them picking out the gift! This is a thank you, after all. Don’t make it a jab.

Don’t make spelling or grammatical mistakes! Again, we live in the day and age of the dictionary and spell check at the ready, so use them if you are questioning yourself. If you make a mistake, start over. Scribbles and white out are not pretty.

I like to buy my thank you cards in advance, that way I always have some on hand and don’t have to worry about remembering to run to the store to grab one! (You’d think I’d do the same for stamps…)

If all else fails…just send a thank you. Forget the rules. Sending a thank you card at any point is better than not sending one at all, so just do it! You (and your friend) will thank me later. 😉

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