DIY Gilded Succulents

DIY Gilded SucculentsAfter reading today’s post you’re either going to love me or hate me. (Eh, it happens).

I’m sharing a (very) easy project today about how to make your very own DIY gilded succulents.

This is when all of the true green-thumbers out there are starting to cringe. Gilded succulents? PAINTED succulents?!


But first, I’m going to give you guys a little biology lesson so that you do it the right way and not the wrong way!

If you can remember back to your elementary school science days, we’re going to talk a little bit about plants.

DIY Gilded SucculentsYou might have seen spray painted or hand painted succulents before, but usually they are COMPLETELY covered in paint. I’m talking bright blues, greens, reds, even purples!

This is a major no-no. Succulents are drought tolerant and store water in their stems and leaves. They also use those same stems and leaves to photosynthesize (turn sunlight into food..sound familiar?)  and to breathe. If you were to completely cover the succulents in paint, they would have a very hard time surviving, and if they did, I doubt they’d be very pretty.

So, back to the project at hand…I AM showing you how to paint your succulents, but how to do it in a way that still allows them to breathe, eat, and thrive!

Ok, biology lesson over. Time for the fun part!

I wanted to give my succulents a little bit of swagger, but I also wanted to do it in a classy and subtle way, so I chose to use mixed metallics and just paint small areas of each plant.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Metallic Acrylic Paints
  • Succulents
  • Paint Brush

DIY Gilded SucculentsIt really is just as simple as painting each plant with whatever pattern you are feeling at the moment.

I chose to paint silver stripes, copper polka dots, and gold tips.

To make the copper polka dots, I just dipped the end of my paintbrush into the paint to give me a perfect little round “stamp” on my stems.

DIY Gilded SucculentsDIY Gilded SucculentsYou are only as limited as your imagination, so have fun with it!

DIY Gilded SucculentsDIY Gilded SucculentsDIY Gilded SucculentsDIY Gilded SucculentsDIY Gilded SucculentsDIY Gilded SucculentsThe golden tips might just be my favorite! So subtle, but so pretty once you give them a second glance.

And those AMAZING neon planters…? They are actually drinking glasses! You can find them on sale here for $2.95 right now! (Update: These colors have sold out, but there are some pretty green ones and blue ones too!)

DIY gilded succulents are easy enough for anyone to master and take no time at all. So let a bit of gold (or silver, or copper) brighten up your space!

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