DIY Citronella Candles

DIY Citronella CandlesSummer is almost over (booooooo), but there are still a few weeks left to sneak in some warm weather activities before the cold and snow hits.

I spent the weekend off of social media, which is a nice change once in awhile, and spent my time outdoors in the warmth. I’m trying to soak up every last bit of these 90 degree days because I know I’ll be complaining about the weather in a few months. (Isn’t that how is always works?)

Since I’ve been outside so much lately, I’ve noticed A LOT of extra bugs and mosquitos around. I swear that August is so much worse than any other month for bugs!! Have you noticed the same thing?

If you plan to spend your time outside, I would definitely recommend arming yourself with some bug spray or, if you feel like getting bit crafty, you can make some easy DIY citronella candles too!

I made a batch over the weekend and I noticed that the bugs kept a safe distance from my kitchen while I was whipping these guys up. It was definitely a pleasant side effect for my craft project!

Other than the drying time, they are pretty quick to make and really easy to put together!

DIY Citronella CandlesHere’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Candle Wax (Flakes or a Block)
  • Citronella Oil
  • Candle Wicks
  • Liquid Candle Dye (Optional)
  • Containers
  • Wooden Skewers or other Stir Stick

First, depending on the type of wax you have, you will need to break your wax up into smaller pieces or flakes. I spent a few extra dollars and decided to save the time and trouble of slicing it up and purchased my wax already in flake form. ( I purchased a 4 lb. box of Soy Wax Flakes. This size would create about 6-8 jar candles, depending on the size you are making).

Once you have your wax prepped and ready to go, set it aside and place 2 inches worth of water into a deep pan. Place the pan onto the stove and wait until the water is boiling.

Once boiling, place your wax flakes into a glass measuring cup. Place the cup into the pan and allow the wax to melt. (You are basically using a double boiler method to melt your wax flakes).

Believe me when I say that you will need more wax flakes than you think! I had to repeat the whole process a few different times to fill each of my candle jars. The wax will melt down to much less after being heated.

DIY Citronella Candles(Your wax will look like the above photo, once melted).

While you are waiting for you wax to melt, heat up a glue gun, or use some of the melted wax, as it heats, to adhere your wick to the bottom of your candle jar.

Place a bit of hot glue or the wax around the bottom of the wick base, and press into place on the bottom (and center!) of your candle jar.

DIY Citronella CandlesLeave your wick long for now (we’ll cut it later).

Using a wooden skewer or a fork or anything that will hold your wick in place, wrap the excess wick around the skewer to hold it in place and to keep the wick from falling into your container.

DIY Citronella CandlesOnce your wax is completely melted, remove it from the pan of boiling water and add in your citronella. I used about 8 drops of the oil for each of my jars.

If you want to change the color of your candle wax, you can easily do this by adding some liquid dye, specifically made for candles. I used a color called “Coral Reef”, but there was a big variety of colors available at my local craft store, in the candle making section.

Add the dye needed according to the directions on the back of the liquid dye packaging.

DIY Citronella CandlesStir well, using your bamboo skewer.

Once you have the color and citronella oil mixed well into your melted wax, pour into your candle jar.

DIY Citronella CandlesThe wax won’t expand as it dries, so add as much as needed to fill your container.

DIY Citronella CandlesYou’ll noticed that once you start to add the hot wax to the container, your wick will expand a bit and want to move around. Just make sure to pull it tight and keep it straight so that it dries in the correct position.

Allow your candle to dry for 24 hours before using.

Cut down your wick to the appropriate height for burning once your candle has dried completely.

DIY Citronella CandlesThese DIY citronella candles are such an easy project.

A great way to keep the bugs away or to give as a gift too!

Let’s enjoy the rest of these summer weeks with no misquotes!!

DIY Citronella Candles

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