DIY Spider Pumpkins

DIY Spider PumpkinsI love good Halloween decor.

I’ve always wanted to become one of those home haunters that create their own props and a full on haunted house in their yards. Unfortunately for me, the hubs has vetoed that idea pretty quickly.

Lighting effects, special effects blood, and cobwebs, of course, all make the holiday so festive and I LOVE it.

I usually tend to lean towards the creepy stuff, but I still love the cute stuff too.  And if you can find a way to mix the two without being kitchey or cheesy…? Genius.

Today’s DIY is just that. (And it involves bugs, so that automatically makes it creepy, right?)

These DIY spider pumpkins are so great for a few different reasons. And I’m always down for a no carve pumpkin decorating idea too!

They are inexpensive to make, take no time at all to put together, and turn out cute, but still a little creepy. Perfect halloween party or mantel decorations, if you ask me!

They’d also make a really cute gift idea for the person in your life that loves halloween, like I do.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Faux Pumpkin
  • Spiders
  • Hot Glue
  • Spanish Moss or Other Crafting Grass

DIY Spider PumpkinsFirst, using a jigsaw or a serated knife, cut the top off of your pumpkin, just like you would with a real pumpkin. Except there are no guts to clean out…BONUS! (That’s always my least favorite part).

DIY Spider Pumpkins

DIY Spider PumpkinsRemove the top of your pumpkin and begin placing your moss around the edge of the hole on the top of your pumpkin. I like to use quite a bit because you’ll lose some of it when you place the top back onto your pumpkin. I didn’t glue my grass on the pumpkin, since it usually stays well once it’s finished, but you can definitely add some hot glue to the edge of your top, if needed.

DIY Spider PumpkinsPlace the top back onto your pumpkin and arrange the grass around the lid to cover some of the exposed edge of the lid.

DIY Spider Pumpkins

DIY Spider PumpkinsNext, using your hot glue, begin glueing your spiders to the outside of your faux pumpkin.

I placed some down the front of my pumpkin and also around the top, to make it look like the spiders were infesting the pumpkin!

DIY Spider Pumpkins

DIY Spider PumpkinsYou can also use different colored pumpkins, just use spiders in a contrasting color to pop on the pumpkin. You can also use other creepy crawlers for a bit of variety too!

DIY Spider Pumpkins

DIY Spider PumpkinsThese DIY spider pumpkins are super easy to make and take no time at all. They’ll also make a really cute and inexpensive boo gift for a neighbor!

Happy creepy crawl-ey crafting!

Photography by Haley Nord Photography

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