Cupid’s Arrow Shirley Temples

Cupid's Arrow Shirley TemplesIt might still be January (for a few more days), but love is definitely in the air! The floral shops are full of brightly colored pink and red bouquets, boxes of chocolates and candy hearts are lining the aisles at the grocery stores, and reservations at the top restaurants are already booking up. For me and the hubs, Valentine’s day is the perfect night to spend in, ordering pizza, wearing sweats, and watching netflix. Does that make us old?

Whether you plan to spend Valentine’s Day in or out this year, there are still some fun and simple ways you can celebrate the holiday without going broke or spending a lot of time planning.

Today’s post is great for the kids, a fun v-day party, or even for adults who don’t plan on drinking over the holidays. These non-alcoholic Cupid’s Arrow Shirley Temples are easy to make, yummy, and too cute!

Cupid's Arrow Shirley Temples

Of course, a shirley temple might not be all that impressive, but with the addition of a fun marachino ice cube cupid’s arrow stir stick, you’re mocktail is right up there next to Love Potion #9!

The ice cubes are easy to make, and just take a little bit of planning to have them all ready to pop into your drinks!

Cupid's Arrow Shirley TemplesHere’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Marachino Cherry Juice or Grenadine
  • Silicone Heart Shaped Ice Cube Tray
  • Lemon-Lime Soda
  • Candy Sticks
  • Pink, Red, or White Tissue Paper
  • Tape or Glue
  • Cardboard or Heavy Tape
  • Glasses

Using your glass as a guide, measure how long you need your stick for the cupids arrow to be. You want the stick to be hanging out of the glass enough to add our topper. Cut any excess length, as necessary.

Stack a few pieces of your tissue paper together and cut out a small square, big enough for you to fold over onto the top of your stick.

Using tape of glue, attach the tissue paper to the top of your stir stick and fold over so that it covers both sides.

Using scissors, cut slits into the sides of the tissue paper to resemble “feathers” on the top of your arrow. Set them aside when done.

Cupid's Arrow Shirley TemplesUsing a silicone heart shaped ice cube tray, fill the crevices slightly with a little bit of lemon-lime soda (water would work too) and then top them off with marachino cherry juice or grenadine. (You definitely want more marachino cherry juice than water or soda, but the added water or soda helps the ice cubes to freeze better).

Once your trays are filled, you will add your finished cupid’s arrow stir sticks to the center of each ice cube. Now here’s the sem-tricky part. In order for the cubes to freeze properly, you’ll have to secure your sticks in an upright position until they are completely frozen. I used a piece of cardboard that I punched holes through, and slid it over the tops of the sticks, but heavy duty tape placed across the top could work too.

Cupid's Arrow Shirley TemplesPlace into your freezer and freeze overnight. Take it from me, and the countless times that I made these ice cubes, they take a while to freeze. Don’t be impatient. You definitely want them to be a solid mass before placing them in your drinks or you’ll lose the shape of the hearts when you pop them out of the tray.

Once frozen, it’s time to make your drinks! Pour lemon-lime soda into a glass and top with ice cubes. Add your cupid’s arrow stir sticks and finish with a fun straw, if desired.

The stir sticks will melt into your drink adding the classic flavor to your Shirley Temples, but for more flavor, you can mix in more after the drinks are served too!

Cupid's Arrow Shirley TemplesThese Cupid’s Arrow Shirley Temples are easy to make, great for any guest at your Valentine’s Party or get together, and are adorable too! I don’t think Cupid will mind his arrow’s being used for these darling drinks! 😉

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  1. Robin on February 5, 2016 at 10:28 pm

    These are super cute and perfect for kids! So fun.

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