DIY Iron On Clueless Shirts

These DIY iron on Clueless shirts are easy to make and so cute! Find out how to make your own. Travis would give them two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

DIY Iron On Clueless ShirtsBeing born in the 80’s and growing up in the 90’s, Clueless was basically our “Mean Girls” and the original, mind you. A cult classic that my friends and my sister still quote, on the regular. (I also feel like it’s probably where my budding crush on Paul Rudd all started. What is it about him anyways?!) Don’t tell me that you guys wouldn’t have killed for Cher’s closet and her sweet closet matching software, like I would have. Why is that not a thing yet? So, when I was thinking about creating my own shirts, it was definitely a toss up between gangta rap lyrics and clueless quotes, but Clueless ultimately won out. (Don’t worry…the rap lyrics have been done before 😉 )

DIY Iron On Clueless ShirtsThe best thing about these DIY iron on Clueless shirts…they are easier than pie and anyone can make them. (No, really!) Plus, if you can’t find your white collarless shirt from Fred Segal, these are a great alternative. 😉

DIY Iron On Clueless Shirts

DIY Iron On Clueless ShirtsHere’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Iron
  • T-shirts or Sweatshirts
  • Iron On Letters
  • Towel or Cloth
  • Scissors

First, make sure you pre-wash your shirts before starting your project. Most iron on transfer packages will advise you of this before hand. It preps the fabric and ensures you’ll get a good grip between the fabric and your letters too.

All iron-on letters are different, so be sure to reference the package you are using for specific directions, before starting, to ensure that my instructions will also work with your brand of letters.

Using your scissors, cut out each of the individual letters that you’ll need to spell out your quote. Try to cut them out with the same spacing around each letter, because this will make spacing them evenly a little easier.

Place your shirt on a iron-able (not even a word but I’m running with it) surface and “prep” the fabric by running your hot iron over it for about 30 seconds.

DIY Iron On Clueless ShirtsOnce prepped, begin placing your letters where you want them on your shirt.

Carefully place a small towel or cloth over the top of the letters after you have them all placed.

Begin running your iron over the top of the cloth, making sure you spend time on each letter and all of the little corners and edges too. (Refer to your package directions for exact time).

Once you have the front of the letters are ironed on well, remove the cloth, turn your shirt inside out, and go over the backs of the letters again in the same way you did the front.

DIY Iron On Clueless ShirtsFor good measure, I also flipped the back over and repeated the process on the front again too, once the back was done and cooled.

DIY Iron On Clueless ShirtsAllow your shirt to cool completely and then slowly begin peeling the protective covering off of each letter. If you notice that your letter hasn’t fully adhered to your shirt, repeat the ironing process again, focusing on the sections that haven’t stuck. Some of mine needed a little extra help than others, so don’t be afraid to go over them a few times if necessary.

Once you have all of the letter backing removed, try your shirt on and wear it out!

DIY Iron On Clueless ShirtsDIY Iron On Clueless ShirtsDIY Iron On Clueless ShirtsThese DIY iron on Clueless shirts make great gifts for your fave girlfriends or would even be a fun craft night with the ladies too! Then wear them all in your jeep while jamming out to “Rollin with My Homies” by Coolio. Classic.

DIY Iron On Clueless Shirts

Photography by: Taylor Grayson

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