DIY Confetti Napkins

These DIY confetti napkins are so cute, so easy, and so cheap! Plus, you only need three things to make them! Forget spending money on custom napkins, make your own!

DIY Confetti NapkinsYesterday I kicked off a week of all things “red carpet” with an easy cocktail for you to make and enjoy while watching the Oscars (or anytime…let’s be honest), but you’ll definitely need something just as good to use to set those cocktails on, right? Lucky for you, I’m sharing these DIY confetti napkins today, which are definitely Oscar worthy!

If you’ve hung out around here before, you know how much I love a simple DIY project. We don’t all have time to slave over an intricate tutorial, as much as we’d like to, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still want to be able to create cute party and entertaining supplies and decor! That’s where these napkins come in!

DIY Confetti NapkinsYou only need 3 things to make them, they are soooo cute, AND take no time at all. No really, we’re talking maybe 5 minutes. Even if your schedule is jam packed, you still have time to make these napkins! So, no excuses!

These DIY confetti napkins can also be used for different events too! Simply change out the colors to match your party theme or suit your event. (They’d make adorable birthday napkins!)

DIY Confetti NapkinsHere’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • White Disposable Napkins
  • Pencils with Erasers
  • Ink Pads (I used black and gold)

DIY Confetti NapkinsDIY Confetti NapkinsSet out your napkin on a flat surface. “Dip” the eraser end of your pencil onto your stamp pad to pick up the color. “Stamp” the eraser end onto your napkin.

DIY Confetti NapkinsRepeat until you have filled your napkin with as many dots as you want in that color. Also, keep in mind that confetti is usually scattered around, so you don’t need to worry about things looking even or balanced as you’re stamping. Just have fun!

DIY Confetti NapkinsRepeat the process again, this time using a new pencil (with a clean eraser) and dip into your second color. Press the eraser onto the napkin. Fill in any empty spots on your pattern with the second color.

(With darker colored inks, you may need to dap the same spot twice to really get a deep color).

DIY Confetti NapkinsKeep dabbing until you have reached a “confetti” pattern that you’re happy with.

DIY Confetti NapkinsAllow the napkins to dry overnight before use. This will prevent them from bleeding or running if they get wet! If you don’t give them enough time to dry before using, they will run if wet, so be a little bit patient with them!

DIY Confetti NapkinsDIY Confetti NapkinsThese DIY confetti napkins are so cute, so easy, and so cheap! Forget spending money on custom napkins, just make your own!

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