DIY Ombre Friendsgiving Centerpiece (Plus A Recipe!)

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DIY Ombre Friendsgiving CenterpieceDIY Ombre Friendsgiving Centerpiece

I’m over boring and bland friendsgiving and thanksgiving themed decor. Who said your tables can’t be colorful and bright?! Not me! And I’m proving that today with a fun and easy way to transform your friendsgiving event this year with a pop of color! This DIY ombre friendsgiving centerpiece can be made in a day and couldn’t be more simple to put together. Plus, I’m also sharing an easy and delicious drink recipe (that only has 3 ingredients!) that you can serve to your friends and family too! 😉

Using just a few cans of spray paint, you can transform some traditional fall decor into a bright and fun centerpiece for your friendsgiving table this year.

DIY Ombre Friendsgiving CenterpieceI picked up my supplies at Walmart (including a few ingredients to make a delicious drink recipe too, which I’ll be sharing below!)

DIY Ombre Friendsgiving Centerpiece As you’re getting ready for your holiday party, make sure to grab a 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola® and a bottle of Simply® Cranberry Cocktail too (you’ll need it later 😉 ) and bring the magic of the season to life, one glass at a time.

Now let’s get to the color!

DIY Ombre Friendsgiving CenterpieceHere’s What You’ll Need to Make Your Own:

  • Gourds (Enough to fill the center of your table)
  • Stalks of Dried Corn
  • Spray Paint in Varying Shades of the Same Colors

DIY Ombre Friendsgiving CenterpieceI stuck to a color palette of pinks and purples and used a total of 6 different spray paint colors to create my DIY ombre friendsgiving centerpiece. You can use whatever colors you like, just stick to 2-3 colors and pick different varying shades of spray paint in the colors you choose.

Section your gourds into groups. (However many colors of spray paint you’ll be using).

In a well ventilated area, use one of your spray paint colors and paint one of the groups of gourds, completely covering them.

Allow them to dry overnight before using.

Repeat the process until all of the groups of gourds have been painted, in each of your colors.

DIY Ombre Friendsgiving CenterpieceUsing yellow spray paint (or whichever color you prefer), wrap the husk of the corn stalk with a plastic bag to protect it from the paint. Spray the exposed cob.

Allow them to dry overnight as well, before using.

DIY Ombre Friendsgiving CenterpieceOnce your gourds are completely dry and you’re ready to set your table, begin placing the gourds, by color, down the center of the table.

I started with the darkest shades in the center, working my way out towards the lighter shades, but you can arrange them in any order you like, starting with the dark or light shades.

DIY Ombre Friendsgiving CenterpieceContinue building the centerpiece down the length of the table, setting the varying shades of the same colors next to each other.

DIY Ombre Friendsgiving CenterpieceEnd the centerpiece once it reaches the edges of your table or, if one of your guests will be sitting on the ends, leave enough room to accommodate their place setting.

The gourds don’t have to be set in any specific way, I just fit mine together, leaving a bit of room in between each piece.

DIY Ombre Friendsgiving CenterpieceOnce the gourds are all set, place a few stalks of corn throughout the arrangement, adding an additional pop of color.

DIY Ombre Friendsgiving CenterpieceThis DIY ombre friendsgiving centerpiece is super easy to make and gives a traditional table a fun upgrade! I know I’d definitely want a seat at this table.

But now that you have the perfect table, it’s time to serve a fun and easy drink! Using only three ingredients, you can create this festive and delicious recipe!

Cranberry Vanilla Coke-Tail:

Ingredients –

  • Coca-Cola® or Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar
  • Simply® Cranberry Cocktail
  • 2-3 Drops of Imitation Vanilla Flavoring

Directions –

Fill a glass 3/4 of the way with Coca-Cola® or Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar.

Add 2 to 3 drops of imitation vanilla flavoring and top it off the glass with cranberry juice.

Give it a good stir, pop in a paper straw, and then serve.

DIY Ombre Friendsgiving CenterpieceIt’s definitely a group favorite and Coca-Cola® is the gift for everyone on your list. You can even send your guests home with their own bottles and some leftovers so they can recreate their drink at home!

You’re friendsgiving ready with a delicious Cranberry Vanilla Coke-Tail recipe and a fun DIY ombre friendsgiving centerpiece. All that’s left to do is invite your guests!

And if you’re looking for more friendsgiving and holiday inspiration, check out more ideas here!

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