My Top 25 Favorite Podcasts

My Top 25 Favorite PodcastsI know that I’m a few years late to the whole podcast phenomenon, but I recently jumped on board and haven’t looked back. I don’t know what I was waiting for, or why I waited so long to download my first few episodes and just start listening, but whatever the reason is, I’m just glad that I actually started. There really is no bad time to jump in head first, and with all of the amazing content out there just waiting to be discovered, I think now is as good a time as any. I’m sharing my top 25 favorite podcasts today, and hope that, if you haven’t started to listen yet, I can convince you to jump on board, and if you have, that I help you discover a new favorite!

My Top 25 Favorite PodcastsI started listening during the normally boring moments in my day. Driving to work, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, getting ready in the bathroom in the morning, editing blog photos, and any other moments when I’m normally just doing something mundane. And, to be honest, after I began listening regularly, I started looking more and more forward to those times throughout the day. Not only are the podcasts entertaining to listen to, but I actually felt smarter. I walked from doing something as simple as curling my hair, learning something! And podcasts are also something that is really inspiring me in the business and blogging world. I feel like it’s harder now to find things to be inspired by, when doing creative work, but certain podcasts really get me motivated and spark some creativity in me, which I am LOVING.

And even if you’re not looking for motivation or inspiration, certain podcasts just bring up and discuss topics that we’re all thinking about, or something maybe you’ve never thought about! It’s like sitting down with friends and shooting the breeze, or listening to an expert about what he or she recommends.

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a big fan and I hope that my top 25 favorite podcasts inspire you to listen too!

If you’re new to the world of podcasts, don’t be intimidated. It’s super easy to download episodes and start listening. The easiest (and most common) way to listen is on your mobile device. If you’re using an iphone, the “podcasts” app is the easy (and free) way to go, plus is already comes downloaded as a default on your phone. If you have an android, Google Play Music is a free app that you can use and spotify offers an option to listen as well. You can also download a premium app, like Pocket Casts or Overcast, but both of those do cost an additional fee to use.

And, if I really love a podcast, I usually subscribe to it. This means that every time a new episode is uploaded, my phone automatically knows to download it and have it in my queue for me. That way I’m not missing out on any episodes!

However you choose to listen, it’s really simple to figure out once you get the basics set up!

But now, let’s get to my top 25 favorite podcasts!

Disclaimer: I know that A LOT of people are heavily into the “true crime” genre of podcasts, but that’s just not me, (Sorry, not sorry) so you won’t see any of those ones on my list, but if you’re into that sort of thing, a quick google search can point out the heavy hitters to you 😉 But, besides true crime, I do have a ton of other genres that I’m sharing on my top 25 favorite podcasts list. Everything from food, to business, to health, and a ton in between too!

Business & Blogging:


Raise Your Hand, Say Yes – A podcast about the creative adventures of (extra)ordinary people. It’s hosted by business and branding coach, Tiffany Han, who is great. She breaks down simple topics, interviews great guests, and makes you feel motivated all the while. She also isn’t afraid to tell you like it is and have you questioning your excuses. The first podcast I ever listened to, and still one of my favorites for fellow creatives!

Ctrl Alt Delete – Work, social media, and a variety of careers are covered in this UK based podcast. (Love the accent!) She interviews amazing guests, about their relationship with the internet, does live shows, and gets the info to figure out what makes people successful, how they got there, and the mistakes they’ve made along the way. A fun listen and chock full of helpful info too!

Raising the Bar with Alli and Michael – Alli and Michael are the successful entrepreneurs behind the DryBar phenomenon and in this podcast they share their own stories about what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how they got where they are today. They also interview other budding and successful business owners whom they are inspired by. It’s a wealth of information in each episode.

Proof to Product – This one is all about taking the behind the scenes process of a product based business. Whether you are in the market of product manufacturing or not, each episode is still full of helpful and inspiring info from small online shops up to big international brands like Target. Each week, learn tips from business owners and industry experts about growing your own brand, whatever it may be, and helpful resources along the way too.

Gamechangers – Another one that’s full of helpful tips and inspiration. (Can you sense a trend here…?) Learn how to unleash your own potential in interviews from successful people from all walks of life. CEO’s, leaders, trailblazers in their fields, and all around game changers. The tips don’t only apply to business or creative folks either. It’s an all around motivator for positive life changes too.



Goop: The Podcast – Yes, people usually feel very strongly one way, or another, towards Goop, the website created by Gwyneth Paltrow, but the podcast is still worth a listen. It’s hosted by Ms. Paltrow herself, along with goop’s chief content officer Elise. They talk to celebrities and experts on all topics including health, culture, business, and self-improvement. With a great range of interesting topics, and entertaining guests, it makes a regular appearance on my app.

Happier with Gretchen Ruben –  You may have heard of Gretchen Rubin before…She’s a four time New York Times bestselling author and the writer of the book, “The Happiness Project.” On the podcast, along with her sister, she explores and discuses happiness and creating good habits. I especially love her simple (and easily achievable) weekly tips for being more productive and happy in your own life.



Burnt Toast – If you guys read the blog at all, you know I’m a huge food loves, so it’s no wonder that I have a handful of food related podcasts on the list of my top 25 favorite podcasts.This podcast is brought to you from the folks behind Food 52. (If you don’t know who that is…look them up). Each episode, all under 30 minutes, focuses on food culture, community and highlighting the stories behind the food we all eat every day. The perfect bite-sized portion of food tidbits to get you through your morning commute.

The Alton Browncast – This one should need no introduction. Alton Brown, Food Network host and chef extraordinaire, interviews fellow chefs, authors, and scientists (of course). He also answers listeners questions and helps to solve your kitchen and cooking dilemas. If you’re an Alton fan, this one is a must listen.

Bon Appetit Foodcast – A podcast that covers everything from the bustling restaurant scene, celebrity chef interviews, new cooking techniques and recipes, behind the scenes peeks from Bon Appetit magazine, and all the food that we’re all obsessed with. For anyone that is passionate about food and/or cooking, add this to you list.

The Sporkful – With a tagline of “It’s not for foodies. It’s for eaters”, you have a pretty good idea of what you’re getting yourself into with this one. The podcast features on food, obvi, but it also dives into race, culture, body image, and how they are relate to our favorite foods. And don’t worry…it’s not all serious. The episodes are light and funny too!

Just for Fun:


Pop Culture Happy Hour – This one is an NPR podcast that covers all things, you guessed it, pop culture. Movies, books, television, video games, and everything in between. The rotating guests share their thoughts on what’s new in the pop culture world now and highlight things you may not even be aware of (but should!) that are new on the scene. It’s guaranteed that they’ll cover a favorite of yours at some point on an episode.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard – After listening to a few episodes of this podcast, how can you not love Dax Shepard? He interviews fellow celebs (who also happen to be friends), experts, and celebrates the messiness of just being human. I love his honesty, vulnerability,  and the fact that he has no problem admitting his failures and shortcomings, and getting his guests to do the same. It’s a learning and growth type of podcast that just also happens to be fun and entertaining too. His first episode features wife, Kristen Bell, and will make you love the two of them, and their relationship, even more.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness – If you’re familiar with Queer Eye, then you know Jonathan Van Ness. He’s lovable, fun, and makes you feel like you’re hanging out with your gay bestie. He interviews a new expert every week, in everything from voting, to Nascar, marijuana, and how Kim Kardashian really broke the internet. Plus, he’s not afraid to ask the questions you want to know or bring up topics you may have never thought about. He’s hilarious and makes for one entertaining show!

Night Call – There’s no rhyme or reason to this one, just good company. Molly, Tess, and Emily takes listeners calls and messages about anything and everything, and offer advice on life, love, and the impending apocalypse. Conspiracy theories, internet obsessions, and pop culture theory, with a fun and entertaining twist.

Brain Candy – I may be aging myself here, but I was a big fan of the original Real World and Road Rules shows on MTV, before the challenges were even a thing. If you’ve been a fan, or watched the show in past years, you’ll be familiar with hosts Susie and Sarah, past and present show regulars. They cover a range of topics on each episode, from the serious to the ridiculous, but it’s fun to catch up with the girls now and even get some past MTV show tidbits in the process.

Who Weekly – The podcast that covers all of the celebrity gossip and news about the people that have you saying..”who?” If you’re anything like me and are not totally in tune with everything going on in the celebrity world, they break down and celebrate the who’s and them’s of all things celebrity. It’s everything you need to know about the celebrities you don’t. And it’s entertaining to boot!

For the Girls:


unladylike – This podcast breaks down all of the bullsh*t expectations of how women should be living their lives. Each episode covers a new topic, dives headfirst into research, and interviews bad-ass, rule breaking ladies. It’s fun to learn the history behind everyday events, become informed about today’s resources, and do it with some delightful feminism behind it all.

Nerdette – Another NPR podcast that I love. This one is a safe space for all of my fellow nerdy ladies. Topics includes all things nerdy, including tv shows, books, science, movies, current events, and fellow lady nerds. These are the ladies that will totally understand your “Harry Potter” or “Doctor Who” references, and they may even turn you onto a new favorite too!



Him & Her Podcast – With a heavy focus on blogging and branding, this podcast manages to hit everything else along the way too, including relationships, health and wellness, family, friends, and self improvement. Hosted by Lauryn from the Skinny Confidential, and her husband Michael, they are a hilarious duo, who are not afraid to give each other shit, while answering listeners questions, interviewing experts, and having so much fun along the way. You’ll definitely want to go out and get drinks with these two after hearing a few episodes. One of my very faves!

That’s So Retrograde – Normally, I’d stick this one under the Health/Wellness section, but it can cover so much more than that too. Spirituality, pop culture, health, wellness, and mindfulness all blur together in the episodes. The girls are definitely open to a variety of things and share their journey with the listeners, mistakes, confessions, and all. It’s a fun and modern take on all the things we’re trying, or want to try, to get right with ourselves these days.

Second Life – This podcast features and highlights successful women, from all across the board, who have made major career changes along the way. Not only do the interviews share these women’s stories, but they also leave you with fabulous details, tips, and information to use in your own daily lives. Think of this podcast as a virtual mentor, if you’re questioning your current career path, or just want to grow and be inspired.



Note to Self – A techie podcast that covers everything from digital privacy, information overload, and preserving your humanity in the digital age.  It’s an eye-opening look into how much you’re showing online, what silicon valley is willing to do to get your attention, and answering questions like, seriously, what’s with all the damn bots?! Informative, intelligent, and a good listen for anyone online today, which is all of us.

Bad Science – A comedian and a scientist walk into a bar…ok, maybe not a bar. But they do team up each week to break down the inaccurate elements of the most popular movies and tv shows out there. Star Wars, Ant Man, Alien, and even Finding Nemo…nothing is off limits. Spoilers are involved, so take note before listening to some episodes, but it’s a hilarious (and informative) journey into how real some of your favorites really are.



Keep It – If you like your politics a bit watered down, this is the podcast for you. It’s a show about pop culture and politics and what happens when they smack into each other at alarming speed. Each week comedians, journalists, actors, musicians, activists, politicians and more, join in for a conversation about pop culture, celebs, and politics. Entertaining, informative, and opinionated.

Today Explained – This podcast does just what it’s name implies…It highlights the news and topics of today and breaks them down into short, and easy to swallow, episodes that are under 20 minutes long. Guests, research, interviews, and the biggest news you need to know about that happened in the world today. If anything, it helps you feel a little bit more educated and aware of what’s going on around you.


Ok, I lied. I couldn’t narrow it completely down to my top 25 favorite podcasts, so here are a few more bonus picks that I also really like, because there are just TOO many good ones!

(BONUS) – Honorable Mentions:


Halloween Unmasked – If you’re familiar with this Halloween cult classic, and a fan, like me, this 8 episode mini series takes you through the inspiration behind the film, the past of director John Carpenter, the fans, the fear, the sequels, and the infamous question..Freddy, Jason, or Michael? It’s a fun listen if you’re a film buff or just a scary movie fan with an appreciation for the classics!

Hey Cool Job – Ever wonder what it’s like to be a magazine stylist, grow marijuana, or work in the porn industry? Well, wonder no more. Mary Choi interviews cool people, doing cool things for work, and gets the skinny on what goes into it. Live vicariously through the people she interviews on each episode and learn more about all of those jobs that you never thought about.

The Splendid Table – This one celebrates all things food, culture, cuisine, cooking, and sustainability.  Chef interviews, recipes, and episodes that focus on specific types of food, will appease your inner foodie and make you want to get into the kitchen. If you like to cook, like to eat, or just appreciate the food world, you’ll enjoy every episode of this award winning, and long running podcast.

My Top 25 Favorite PodcastsBut, part of the fun is searching for new favorites and listening to something different. You never know what you might find!

So what do you guys think? Are any of my top 25 favorite podcasts your favorites too? And if not, what podcasts am I missing out on?

Happy listening guys!

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