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Hooked: 001This year, I decided to add a new series to the blog called “Hooked”, a monthly post where I round-up everything that I’m currently obsessing over and what’s got me hooked this month! I’ll be featuring a little bit of everything and hope that it’s a fun way to introduce you guys to something new. And who knows…you might just get hooked too!

1). I just started watching this show and I’m obsessed! (I may or may not have finished the season in two days). It’s based on a book series by Tom Clancy and follows a CIA analyst along on a wild, and crazy international ride. It stars John Krasinski, one of my faves from The Office. If you were a fan of the show “24”, this new series will be right up your alley. It’s exclusively on Amazon Prime and the second season is said to be released this coming Fall.

2). The cold and dry weather during the winter seriously does a number on my skin and lips. I recently found this overnight lip mask and it’s been a game changer!  At bedtime, you apply a small amount to your lips and go to sleep. When you wake up, you remove the excess with a tissue. Couldn’t be easier! I can’t wait to try the exfoliating lip scrub and the lip balm next!

3). I recently started a new workout and I’ve been loving it so far. If you’ve heard of BBG, this program is on the same SWEAT app, but is a weights based routine to help build lean muscle and get you toned. I’m only on week two, but I love how easy it is to follow and how much confidence it’s giving me in the gym. It’s a gym equipment based plan, so, unfortunately, you can’t do it at home, but if you’re a gym newbie like me, it takes away all of the intimidation you might feel about using gym equipment you’re not familiar with. Each workout includes videos of all of the moves and includes a timer to make it super easy to follow. Plus, each week incorporates new moves so you don’t feel bored. I’ve been listening to this playlist when I’ve been doing it, and it’s giving me allll the motivation. You can grab a free month trial with my link here, if you want to try it out for yourself! Let me know if you do or if you’ve already been doing it! And speaking of workouts, I’ve been obsessed with this water bottle that I received as a gift for Christmas. It keeps my water cold FOREVER and I love the non-slip exterior. Plus it’s cute, which doesn’t hurt either.

4). I’m a sucker for cute house stuff and I recently found these amazing kitchen sponges, that I love. I bought a few of them to keep me stocked up, but I’ll probably have a hard time using them because they’re just so pretty! They’re super modern and I love the black and white color palette. All of their products have clean and sophisticated packaging that I adore. Who knew that kitchen cleaning products could be so chic?! I’m temped to buy the dish wash, surface spray, sanitizer, and hand wash now too. You can also get the sponges in just black or white as well, if you’re not a fan of the chevron!

5). Recently, one of my friends mentioned adding Dubai to her travel list this year. I’m still trying to figure out where the road (or skies) may take me, but after her mention of Dubai, I’ve been dreaming of desert safaris, spice souks, and skyscrapers. As if that wasn’t enough, these photos are adding to my wanderlust. We’ll see if 2019 will take me to sandier dunes, but if not, at least I can dream about them (and watch Sex & the City 2 😉 ).

6). Last year I traveled A LOT and because of my crazy travel schedule, I’ve been on the hunt for super cozy lounge wear that can double as a cute travel outfit too. The bf gave me these joggers as a Christmas gift and I’ve been LIVING in them. I’m flying out to visit him this weekend and I’m planning to pair them up with this cozy top (which is currently 70% off! – This one is similar). Cute and cozy? Sold!

Here’s to hoping that this new blog series gets you guys hooked on a new favorite! And if so, let me know what you’re loving!

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