Printable February 2019 Calendar: Coloring Pages!

Printable February 2019 Calendar: Coloring Pages!Another day and another new month! And you know what that means….another new printable calendar! This printable February 2019 calendar is a little bit “sweeter” than last month, and fits in perfectly with a pink obsessed holiday that happens on the 14th of the month. Plus, it involves coloring chocolates and hearts. Come on.

Whether you are a Valentine’s day fan or not, can we at least agree on how great it is when the candy and chocolate goes on clearance the day after? I think that should be the real holiday!

Printable February 2019 Calendar: Coloring Pages!I could go on and on about how I can’t believe that it’s already February, but I think that’s just a sign of me getting older. Days (and months) seem to fly by and I’m always left trying to pick up the pieces. Working full time, having the blog, and also visiting a bf that lives on the other side of the country probably doesn’t help either 😉

I wanted to have 2019 figured out, but it’s already throwing me for a loop, and it’s only February 1st. Funny how the universe likes to do that to you, when you think you’ve got things semi figured out, right? But, I can’t complain. All good things!

Printable February 2019 Calendar: Coloring Pages!But let’s get back to business, shall we? This printable February 2019 calendar is a fun way to pass the time and coloring has been known to release stress! Or, if you’re not really into the whole coloring things, have the kids color it and revel in the 30 minutes of a break you’ll get while they’re busy (and drink a glass of wine while they’re at it!).

You can download the printable February 2019 calendar here.

Printable February 2019 Calendar: Coloring Pages!Looking for more stress relievers or fun things for the kids to color? You can always go back and download the January printable too!

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