Life Update: I’m Moving! (Across the country!)

Life Update: I'm Moving!This post (and the news) have been in the works for a little bit now. I wanted to wait until things were officially official before sharing all of the details, but, it’s definitely time to let the cat out of the bag….I’m moving! ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!! (It feels soooo good to finally say that after holding in my little secret for so long!) After 24 years in Salt Lake City, Utah, I’m packing up everything and making the 2,031 mile drive to plant some new roots in Charlotte, North Carolina at the beginning of October.

Life Update: I'm Moving!Life Update: I'm Moving!For the last (almost) year and a half, I’ve been taking monthly trips across the country to visit the bf, spending a lot of my vacation time and money on those cross country flights, only to leave and come back home again after those glorified long weekends, which sucked. The long distance thing started to get really old, so in December, we began talking about the idea of moving in together! After a few weeks, we really began pursuing it and trying to narrow down locations that would work for the both of us.. His off season home base has been Tennessee (he works in professional baseball) and my home base has been Salt Lake City, as you guys know. We both had a few different requirements on our location checklist and wanted to make sure that we picked a location that was still close enough to his little boy. After considering a few different cities, we finally settled on Charlotte!

Life Update: I'm Moving!Life Update: I'm Moving!I’m sooo excited to start fresh in Charlotte, but I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little nervous when we initially started talking about it, because I WAS. Moving across the country and starting over in a brand new spot without friends, family, or a general feeling of “home” is SOOOOOO intimidating and scary. I won’t be able to call up my girlfriends to grab dinner or drinks whenever I want, or drive to Las Vegas (because it’s so close!), or hang out with my sister when I’m bored, but that just means everyone has to visit more often, right? 😉

After a month or two of nerves, I got over it and became more excited than anything. I think that feeling of comfort in Salt Lake City and being used to what my “everyday normal” looked like, was holding me back more than anything. I had to remind myself that even if we hated it, or things didn’t work out, I could always move back. So I just had to get over the fear of the unknown and take the leap. I don’t ever want to look back and regret not doing something in life, and we’ll never know unless we jump, so we’re jumping!

It still feels a little surreal, but as the days and months pass by and the moving boxes stack up, it gets more and more real every day.

I’m looking forward to a fresh start, and the ability to really explore a new (and bigger) city! I’m excited to see what Charlotte has to offer and to find our new favorite spots together. I’m really looking forward to creating new memories, meeting new people, exploring a new place, and creating that new feeling of “home”.

Life Update: I'm Moving!I’ll be sharing the whole process along the way and letting you guys in on all of the details too!

Until then, I’ll be exploring as much of Utah as I can before I leave, and since I never got around to sharing my current house with you guys yet (and it was part of these goals), I’ll be taking you on a little home tour soon! So watch out for that!

And if any of you are Charlotte locals, let me know what I need to do, see, and can’t miss as soon as we’re there!!

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