Donut and Wine Pairings (+ a printable!)

Donut and Wine PairingsYou’ve all heard of wine and cheese pairings, but with National Donut Day so close, I’m kicking it up a notch with a fun twist on tradition. These donut and wine pairings are a fun way to celebrate the upcoming best day of the year foodie holiday, or any day for that matter! Plus, I’m including a pairing printable that you can download and print to use for your own tasting experience or party! Trust me….these pairings are delish! 😉

If you guys didn’t already know, I’m a HUGE donut fiend. I add new donut stops to all of my vacations and have eaten my way through Utah, stopping at the best local donut spots. Last year for my 34th birthday, I hosted a donut and wine tasting party as a fun and unique way to celebrate an adult b-day!

After seeing this post a few years ago, I was inspired and thought it would be so fun to turn into a party! So, hence, the theme for my 34th b-day was born! I loved the pairings in the post, but wanted to create a printable version of the tasting notes for my guests so they could walk around, sip and sample, and read about what they were tasting! I had a friend design a printable version and loved how it turned out!

What I love is that all of the donuts on the pairings guide are easy to find at your local grocery store or donut shop. The wines are everyday varieties, so pick your fave brands to pair with the sugary treats!

And all of the donut and wine pairings are delicious, but one of my personal faves was the Rose’ and jelly donut. Soooo good! Plus, a lot of my birthday party guests kept talking about how it was a super fun way for them to find new favorite wines (and donut spots!)

If you’re going to attempt this delicious little challenge, I’d recommend just having bite sized pieces of donuts and tasting samples of wine. There are a total of TEN pairings on this guide!

You don’t have to host a donut and wine pairings party like I did, but here’s how I put mine together, in case you guys are interested! (Please excuse the photo quality…they were all taken on my phone!)

Donut and Wine PairingsDonut and Wine PairingsFor the donut and wine tasting pairings party decor, I used these balloons and printed out these donuts and taped them around the room. The banner was custom made by a friend. Ha.

Donut and Wine PairingsI added a fun pop of color to little bouquets around the room with some rainbow donut holes! I just stuck them onto a cake pop stick and added them into the bouquets. Such a cute little addition!

Donut and Wine PairingsFor my party, I picked up the various donut flavors at different bakeries in Salt Lake. I placed a whole donut donut of each flavor onto a cake plate or pedestal and labeled the donut flavors and the bakeries with these labels.

Then, I cut up each of the donuts into bite sized pieces, since people were going to be trying 10 different combinations, and placed the pieces on platters so that guests could grab and eat! I served the wine in tasting sized pours (2 oz.) in small cups. (You can add some cute donut stickers to the cups too!)

Donut and Wine PairingsHere’s a peak at how the donuts and wine were displayed. And another peak!

You can use this donut and wine pairings printable for your own personal tasting experience or you can host a little tasting gathering like I did. Download all of the pairings and both pages here.

Donut and Wine Pairings

I also dressed for the occasion in this sweatshirt, which was a gift from a friend!

This donut and wine pairings party idea is just a fun way to get some friends together and do something different. Plus, donuts AND wine. Do I really need to say anything more?!

Hopefully it gives you some fun ideas for hosting your own tasting party!

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