Best Donuts in Utah (+ a printable map!)

Best Donuts in UtahI take my donuts very seriously. Some might consider me a donut connoisseur, but I just consider myself a huge fan. Glazed, sprinkled, filled, or plain, I love them all and don’t discriminate. So it was only a matter of time before I tried to tackle a project that’s been on my radar for awhile…finding all of the best donuts in Utah! If you’re a donut fan and a Utah local, or just passing through, I’ve done all of the hard (and delicious) work for you. I traveled around and tried out all of the best spots to get donuts in Utah and picked my faves. Plus, I’m even sharing a printable map with you guys so that you can travel around the state of Utah and eat donuts too!

I’ve been wanting to put this post together for the last two years, but never got around to doing it. I always had time to eat donuts, just never took the time to document them 😉 Now that I’m moving, it had to happen this year! And what better time to debut the best donuts in Utah than on National Donut Day!

Best Donuts in UtahYou can download the printable Best Donuts in Utah map here and taste your way through the state if you’re up for the challenge!

Shall we jump right into exploring the best donuts in Utah? I think we should.

Best Donuts in UtahArt City Donuts – This is one of the first donut food trucks I ever tried in Utah. They specialize in little mini gourmet donuts that come out HOT. So much yum! You can customize your own toppings or pick one of their combinations like Shortcake or Lemon Bar. The blueberry crumble and the Muddy Buddy are my faves!

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBanbury Cross – Banbury Cross has been around in Utah since 1986 and there’s a reason they’re still going strong. Every time I walk into their doors, there’s a huge line, but they filter through customers quickly like pro’s. The blueberry, chocolate sprinkle, and maple are some of my faves, but the donut holes are just as good too! This store is a Utah classic and a stop that you shouldn’t miss.

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBeyond Glaze – The donuts from Beyond Glaze might look like your average glazed dount, but they’re definitely not! Gourmet toppings and flavors transform these donuts into gorgeous (and delicious!) works of art! You can get single donuts, or boxes of 4, 6, or 12. Good luck trying to pick a few…there are so many amazing flavors that it’s hard not to walk out with a dozen! My faves are key lime pie, blueberry crumble, and strawberry shortcake! I still need to try Banana Split!

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahThe Big O Doughnuts – Ok, guys…bear with me for a minute. Big O specializes in VEGAN donuts. Yep, you heard right. And trust me, I was SUPER skeptical before trying them. I even tried to be really, REALLY critical. But, I COULDN’T even tell a difference. At. All. These donuts blew my mind and in all the best ways. The mocha is a fave and so is the birthday cake and the churro. In the summer, they even have donut ice cream sandwiches on the weekends too! And, did I mention there’s a sprinkle wall outside?

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in Utah

Clark’s Island Donuts – This is another donut food truck roaming the Utah streets and one you don’t want to miss. Not a typical donut, these are called malasadas, which are a Portuguese donut without a hole. Clark’s offers them plain or filled. (Get the filled. Trust me.). They come out fresh and warm and are filled to order. The passion fruit and coconut are AMAZING.

Cowboy Donuts – This little specialty donut shop in Utah County is serving up some delicious flavor combos. Butterfinger, mint chocolate chip, NutterButter, and salted caramel pretzel are just some of the flavors that they’ve had in their cases. They also keep local football shaped donuts (BYU and U of U) in stock during football season to keep your team pride going strong. If you’re not into trying one of the gourmet flavors, they also have the classics on hand too!

Create Donuts – This is what I’d call heaven a dessert studio, where you can create the donut of your dreams. Pick your base, add your toppings, then drizzle, and start eating! They are only open in the evenings for walk-in’s, but you can order ahead or even reserve the store for special events. Donut girl’s night anyone?

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahDarla’s Donuts – I’m just going to go ahead and say it…Darla’s has the best apple fritters in Utah. There were some close calls, but overall, they are the biggest, the least greasy, and absolutely delicious. All of their donuts are really good, but make sure you pick up an apple fritter here. The peanut butter chocolate is a good option too! 😉

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahDaylight Donuts – Technically, a chain, and not just in Utah, but with a few Utah locations, it’s become a staple. The classics here are all good, and I like that their donuts are a little smaller than your average. Just means that you can eat more in one sitting, right? The fruity pebble donut is a winner!

Delicate Donuts –  If you’re heading down to Moab for a weekend, make sure to cross this little donut truck off your list. Similar to Art City, they offer mini gourmet donuts. I’m waiting to get my hands on the french toast flavor!

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahDonut Boy – With a Best of State title under their belt, it’s no wonder they made my best donuts in Utah list. With flavors like Tiramisu, Nutella Oreo, carrot cake, and Rocky Road, you can’t really go wrong here. The mango filled and coconut cream pie are heavenly. I still need to get my hands on the filled blueberry cheesecake. Check their instagram account for new and special flavors too!

Donut Kabobs –  Another Utah donut food truck, but with a twist. This truck serves mini donuts on a stick! Thinking camping and smores, but donuts. Their glazed donuts are a best sellers, but I’m more of the strawberry pie and Nutella banana cream girl.

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahDonut Star – This stop is the only one in Utah that’s open 24 hours! Goodbye late night donut cravings! The buttermilk donut is a fave of mine here and they have cronuts too. Plus, there’s a gluten free old fashioned option. The flavors are simple and classic, but delish. Grab a star shaped donut while you’re here and enjoy the pink boxes the donuts come in. I know I did!

Doughnutsville – Make a stop at this local donut shop on your way down to St. George or Las Vegas. They have classic flavors and a few unexpected options as well. The glazed blueberry is delish and so are the donut holes. They also keep kolaches stocked too! Plus, they’re open 7 days a week! Win win.

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahDunford Donuts – These donuts are known throughout the entire state of Utah, and for good reason. You can find their donuts in gas stations and grocery stores, but I prefer to go to headquarters to get mine. The double chocolate is the OG from this chain and comes highly recommended. Their others flavors are just as good, but if you’re going to get one, get the double chocolate!

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahFresh Donut & Deli – This little unassuming gem on State Street, is serving up the best glazed cinnamon buns in Utah (IMO). They are huge! They also come in as the runner up for the best apple fritter in Utah too. All of their donuts are delish, but do yourself a favor a get the buns! 😉

Get Glazed Donuts – This little gem in Vernal is a fave for a reason. They make the donuts from scratch every morning and they’re known to sell out, so get in early. The cereal donuts are yummy and they have fried cinnamon rolls too!

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahJack’s Donuts –  A new shop that just opened up in South Jordan, within the last few year. It’s also a chain, but worth a trip. The red velvet, caramel, oreo filled, and peanut butter iced are some of my faves. Order a tiger tail, a chocolate and vanilla twist, that’s a “twist” on a classic, while you’re at it and grab a bag of the glazed donut holes for the road.

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahJohnny O’s Spudnuts – This shop opened up in the 1940’s and they serve up fresh and delish potato flour based donuts or spuddie’s, if you want to get specific. German chocolate, chocolate chip, and maple cinnamon rolls are some of my faves. They also feature a different and specialty Spudnut of the week, so make sure to grab one of those while you’re there. And if you want some coffee to go along with your donut, they serve up specialty cups, in the same location, at Jitters! (Cutest name for a coffee shop ever!)

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahMad Brook Donut Co. – Ever had a triangle donut? Well you will after visiting Mad Brook! Known for their unique shapes, these classic flavors are soooo good! The strawberry frosted even won out as a favorite with friends who were helping me taste test. You won’t think twice about round donuts after stopping here!

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahMountain Donuts – This stop on the best donuts in Utah list is a fun one. Pick up a menu when you walk in, and create your own unique flavor combinations, or stick with one of their tried and true recipes. While you try to pick your faves, watch the fresh donuts come out of the fryer, and get assembled by the staff! Endless flavor combinations will require a few visits!

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahMy Sugar’s Donut Shoppe – Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…this little shop is a donut gem! Classic flavors that are delicious and have a reputation for being one of the best in Utah. And although not a donut, their turnovers are definitely the best in Utah and shouldn’t be missed!

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahNigh-Time Donuts – This donut stop in Utah has been dishing up fresh donuts in Tooele, since 1987. Cinnamon chip and coconut crumb are some of my faves, but make sure to get a filled bismark while you’re there. They are filled fresh on demand and the blueberry is pure heaven.

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahThe Pie Dump –  This restaurant in Garland Utah is a sleeper, but one that you shouldn’t miss! I instantly fell in love with their old school appeal. The donuts are fresh daily and the bakery offers a new special Monday-Friday. The frosted donut holes are yummy too! If you’re feeling hungry, make sure to get a hot roll with gravy, one of the menu items that they’re known for!

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahPop’s Doughnuts – Currently, the only place to snag a Pop’s doughnut is at the Normal Ice Cream truck, that’s parked at Trolley Square mall. They serve up the doughnuts until sold out on the weekends. The brown butter and sea salt glazed is delish! And they also serve up a doughnut ice cream sandwich using Normal ice cream! Can’t make it to the truck? A store front is coming to SLC soon!

Provo Bakery – This bakery in Utah County is my go-to for custom donuts. They made my “Happy Birthday” donuts from my party last year! You can order letters or number to spell out fun words and they even make pizza donuts too! I’m a fan of the coconut donut rings, sprinkle frosted (duh), and the alligator jaws. Make sure to try the donut of the month too!

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahTopper Bakery – This bakery has been around since 1939 and has been serving up classic donuts forever. They definitely know how to make one of the best glazed donuts in Utah, but make sure to visit Monday through Friday. Although open on Saturday, they don’t make the donuts fresh, so save this spot for a weekday to get the best donuts!

Best Donuts in UtahBest Donuts in UtahNow that you guys know where I find the best donuts in Utah, you can join in on this delicious little Utah donut quest too! Download your map and get eating! Let me know what your favorites are!

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