My Favorite Cookbooks

My Favorite CookbooksI’ll be the first to admit that I have a cookbook obsession. It’s hard not to add another one into the cart (and to my growing collection) when the images on every page are so stunning and the recipes make me want to run into the kitchen to become the next Food Network star. For the last few years, I’ve been trying to make an effort to reach for one of them when I’m looking for recipe inspiration, instead of searching online. Yes, online recipes are easy to find and there are SO many great ones out there, but I always seem to forget that I have amazing options sitting right in front of me too! If you’re like me, or just want to jump start your holiday baking, I’m sharing some of my favorite cookbooks with you guys today, which I’ve somehow managed to narrow down, which is no small feat!

Cookbooks also happen to make awesome Christmas and Holiday gifts, so hopefully you get a little bit of inspiration from a few of my favorite cookbooks for your own wish list or someone you have to shop for! (TIP: Tie up a cookbook with pretty ribbon and weave a set of measuring spoons, like this one, through the ribbon for an easy gift and wrapping idea! Perfect for a host or hostess!)

My Favorite CookbooksMy Portugal – This one might not be in everyone’s kitchen, but it’s a cookbook that I cherish on my shelf. I’m half Portuguese and remember spending hours and hours in the kitchen with my grandma watching her and helping her make classic Portuguese recipes. When I found this cookbook I didn’t hesitate to purchase it and poured over the recipes for hours. It’s written by the chef of a Michelin owned restaurant and filled to the brim with classic Portuguese flavors and modern culinary takes on those flavors. Lots of fresh fish, meats, stews, and amazing side dishes!

Brunch at Bobby’s – If I had to pick one meal to eat forever, it would be brunch and this collection of recipes from Mr. Bobby Flay doesn’t disappoint if brunch happens to be one of your favorites too. He covers eggs, pastries, savory dishes, syrups and toppings, and drinks too. I especially love that he includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options in this one. (The “healthy-ish” carrot mango mimosas will be happening soon!) And, come on…it’s Bobby Flay. You know this one is going to be good.

Cravings – If you haven’t heard of this title (or the follow up) from Chrissy Teigen, you may have been living under a rock. For the last few years, it’s been everywhere and for good reason.  Cheesy cheese-less eggs and her famous fried chicken are stars in here, along with classic Thai dishes and comedy to boot. This baby is full of variety, which I love, including a chapter titled “Sh*t on Toast”. What’s not to love?! If Josh ever gets his hand on this one he’s going to want me to make the pull-apart buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy soon. Ssssh, don’t tell him they’re in there. 😉

Giada’s Italy – I bought this one before taking a trip to Italy, but since coming back home I have such a new found appreciation for it. Giada is a cooking legend, but I especially love that this cookbook of hers explores her Italian roots and flavors. Plus, the imagery of Rome in the book doesn’t hurt either. The classic recipes are all there and Giada even walks you through typical Italian pantry ingredients too. The marinated salumi sandwich recipe is just begging to be taken on a picnic!

Good Food, Good Life – Ladies, if you’re not familiar with Curtis Stone, look him up and listen to an interview with him. You’re welcome. (Seriously, Lindsey Price you are a lucky lady). But all hotness aside, this is one of my favorite cookbooks because the recipes are simple, delicious, and not at all boring. Lighter fare, drinks, desserts, snacks, and show stopping dinners are all covered in this one. I’m still on a mission to make the bacon and parmesan popcorn for our next home movie night.

My Favorite CookbooksHost: A Modern Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Feeding Your Friends – As a die hard entertainer, this one was on my wishlist as soon as I saw it. (Thankfully, I received it as a Christmas gift last year!) It’s all about entertaining and covers everything from setting up the perfect home bar, to which recipes to serve during certain times of the year, and allllll the food, obvi. I also love the tips, tricks, and “host notes” featured within the pages to help you become a better entertainer.  I still have lots of recipes bookmarked that I still need to try, but I’m already a huge fan of the back garden cocktail!

Shake Shack: Recipes & Stories – If you’re already a fan of Shake Shack, or just love a good burger, this one’s for you. (I swear “cheeseburger” should be my middle name). Not only does this one dive into the classic recipes that Shake Shack is famous for, but it gives you a peek into the history of how this well known and adored chain started, along with awesome tips to bring their flavors to life in your own kitchen. Burgers, fries, and shakes…the gang’s all here in this cookbook!

Cook Like a Pro – You might know her as the Barefoot Contessa, or simply as Ina, but regardless, she’s a legend. In this cookbook, she shares simple recipes and easy tips to help the everyday home cook reach pro level status, or at least feel like they have 😉 Cocktails, sides, desserts, dinners, and even breakfast are covered in this one. The images are bright and gorgeous and I don’t think I’ve found a recipe I don’t want to try yet.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook – Harry. Potter. Recipes. Do I really need to say anything else?! If that alone didn’t convince you, the recipes should. And there are over 150 of them! All of your beloved favorites from the books, like pumpkin pasties, Harry’s birthday cake, acid drops, and pumpkin juice are included, plus SO many more. I also love that each recipe also tells you where to find it mentioned in the classic books too! Maybe keep this title hidden so the muggles don’t find it 😉

All About Cake: A Milk Bar Cookbook – If you haven’t heard of Milk Bar before, and even if you have, their naked cakes are world famous. Cue the infamous milk bar birthday cake. People aim to copy it and if you’re chomping at the bit to make your own, then this is the book to reach for. It’s packed full of, you guessed it, cake recipes, including mug cakes, bundt cakes, cake truffles, and the famous cakes that they’re known for too. If you love a good cake recipe, this is a must for your bookshelf and kitchen!

The Forest Feast: Gatherings – Not to detract from the amazing recipes in this book, but I originally picked it because of how gorgeous the pages inside are. And then I read the recipes, which are amazing too! This one is an unusual pick for my favorite cookbooks, because they’re all vegetarian, but don’t let that turn you away if you’re a meat eater. The recipes inside this one are equally as good and perfect for a gathering (hence the name). If you’re entertaining friends or family, this cookbook is packed full of useful tips and tricks for a successful event, including table ideas and how to set the mood, but it’s also full of recipe ideas that have my mouth watering every time I look through it.

My Favorite CookbooksMy favorite cookbooksNow that you know about a few of my favorite cookbooks, which ones am I missing and need to be added to my shelf?!

Also, you can find all of my favorite cookbooks (and more that are in my collection) on my Amazon Shop page!

Happy cooking!

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