Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for HimI’m back again today with another round of ideas to make your holiday shopping that much easier! This time around I’ve put together a TON of stocking stuffer ideas for him! (I shared stocking stuffer ideas for her yesterday, if you missed it!)

Every year, I really try to pick items that my husband will actually want to use and not just fill his stocking with junk because it’s easy. So if you’re on the hunt for some great ideas, I’ve got you, and the man in your life, covered! 😉

I tried to incorporate a lot of different interests in these stocking stuffer ideas for him, but most of them items could really work for almost any guy. There are a few splurges in here, but most items are around $10-15! I hope this list helps to give you a few new ideas for his stocking and that he finds a few new favorites too!

Here are my picks for the ultimate stocking stuffer ideas for him:

My husband informed me that “every dude needs a good leatherman tool” so I picked out this one. It’s still small enough for a stocking stuffer, but still has all the features a guy needs. Josh added this pick to the list!

These matches are perfect for the outdoor guy in your life. They are windproof and burn up to 25 seconds. Plus they come in a waterproof container with 3 replaceable strikers! 12 matches in this set for under $10!

If your man is bougie about his coffee, this tool is exactly what he needs. It brews the perfect slow drip cup and all he needs is a filter and his favorite blend. Love that this is ceramic and dishwasher safe too!

This little set comes from one of my fave fragrance companies. Their scents are made to be universal (for a man or woman) and are such great quality. This set comes complete with 10 sample bottles of their most popular scents to help him (or you!) find his next favorite. Under $30!!

For the guys that always need to add hot sauce to his meals, these little travel packs are the perfect stocking stuffer ideas for him. You can grab the Tabasco or the Tapatio options, depending on which one his fave is. Comes in 50 or 100 mini packs!

There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport and realizing your bag is too heavy to avoid those extra fees. This handy little gadget will weigh bags up to 110 lbs. and is small enough to pack with his stuff. Under $10!

Help him step up his cocktail game without any extra effort on his part. These little packets come pre-made with delicious infusions meant to spice up his favorite spirit. Each box comes with enough packets to make 18 cocktails. Perfect for guy’s night. Pick from gin, tequila, vodka, or whiskey! Under $20!

If your man is always getting fresh ink, this balm is going to be his new favorite. It’s all natural and made to encourage skin regeneration, soothe and moisturize, and is full of natural antioxidants to protect and restore his skin. $10!

For the guy who has a lot of suits or coats, this stuff is a dream. Spritz it on any of his items that need a little re-fresh in between washes, including hats! It smells like warm and spicy cedar and is nontoxic. It’s also safe to use on any items with a “dry clean only” tag! $10!

These tiles will help him keep track of where he left his keys, phone, or anything else he may leave laying around. They’re waterproof and durable enough for any guy. Snag one for under $20 or two for under $30!

Perfect for the guy who’s always on the road or likes to camp, these bites replace a traditional tube of toothpaste and are super easy to pack. Simply bite, brush, and you’re done! Zero waste, all natural, package free, and naturally whitening! Each bottle comes with 62 bites. Two bottles for $20!

The perfect thing to add to his toolbox, this digital tape measure it’s simple to use and has a large digital display that’s easy to read.

Not sure about the guys in your life, but Josh absolutely refuses to use any type of face masks because he claims he “doesn’t need them” and that they’re “not made for guys.” Well not anymore. These under eye masks are specifically formulated for men and their skin needs. They’re also free of mineral oils, lanolin, petroleum and parabens. Each pack comes with 3 sets for under $10!

If your man is into hip hop, he’ll totally appreciate this fun activity book. The 48-page book is full of coloring pages, clever activities, and smart plays on rap culture. It brings some of the biggest hip hop names and their music to life in a fun and new way. Under $7!

These little pouches fit in the palm of your hand and are perfect for storing tech cables, small snacks, or screws and nails. They’re made from food-grade silicone that is free of petroleum, PVC, and latex. They also have an air-tight pinch-press seal and can be used in the dishwasher or microwave. Set of two for under $15!

This all natural foot and body powder is perfect for a guy that’s always working out or on the move. It’s 100% natural and is effective against chafing, blisters and other irritations that cause skin rash.  It fights sweat, odor and wicks moisture with ZERO Talc. I recently switched Josh over to this stuff instead of him using baby powder, since this is cleaner and totally safe to use. His fave is the active scent because it has a cooling tingling sensation. Three different scents to choose from. Under $10!

If you have a wineo in your house like I do, he’ll probably appreciate these wipes in his stocking. They are made to remove that yucky wine film (and color) off of your teeth when you don’t have a toothbrush readily available. The wipes don’t affect taste and prevent teeth from further staining. Great for work events, conferences, dinners, or traveling. 12 pack is under $20!

This pack of laces will help to amp up a typical pair of his dress shoes and give them a little bit more personality. They’re waxed and cotton, which makes them long lasting. Comes in a set of 7 different colors for under $15!

Josh is a huge fan of JBL speakers and this one is perfect to clip on and take anywhere. It’s bluetooth, water proof, and even has a mic for speakerphone calls.  And at under $50, it’s a steal for the quality! Choose from 6 different colors (some are $39!)

These days everyone is glued to their phones, so help protect his eyes from the negative effects of blue light emitted from his digital devices with these blue light blocking screen protectors. They’re easy to install and available in all phone sizes.

Stick a bag of these fun candies in the stocking of your favorite beer lover. They’re inspired by popular craft beer flavors like IPA, stout, and ale. $10!

Guys can always use more socks, especially since they don’t seem to throw them away until there are at least 3 holes in them. These socks comes in a variety of sizes and styles and are such great quality. Great for every day, sports, or work wear. They also donate a pair for every pair purchased!

This is my very favorite teeth whitening product available without needing to visit the dentists office. I got Josh hooked on them last year too. They come in a convenient little stick that can be packed into a pocket or gym bag. Perfect for traveling too! They’re safe for sensitive teeth too! Each box comes with 14 on the go sticks and is under $15!

For the tech lover, these smart bulbs are they perfect way to turn your house into a smart house. They’re bluetooth enabled, dimmable, can be set on a schedule, and can be used with voice control too. Wrap up the bridge as a gift under the tree, and pop a few of these bulbs in his stocking!

After a long night out, he’ll be happy to have these patches on hand. They are simple to use (peel and stick!) and are all natural and 100% organic. They contain a powerful blend of vitamins and nutrients to ward off hangovers before they start, which means he can still get up in the morning to help out around the house 😉

This little gadget is more of a stocking stuffer splurge, but it was too cool not to add to the stocking stuffer ideas for him list. I also might be adding this onto my own wishlist. 😉 It’s the smallest, lightest and most versatile handheld espresso machine you can get and it’s hand operated! No electricity or pumps needed! It uses regular Nespresso pods and is small enough to pack in a bag or take camping too! Under $50!

This cookbook definitely needs some space on his shelf! The writer is a Youtube cooking sensation and all of his recipes are based around a specific TV show or movie. We’re talking Seinfeld, Parks and Rec, and even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s full of over 100 recipes, behind the scenes stories, and cool images too. It’s not your typical cookbook!

If he does any overseas travel, this adaptor needs a spot in his stocking. It includes 5 different international heads that he can switch out based on his location, has two charging outlets, and also has TWO (!!) USB charging ports on the front, so he can charge and/or use up to four devices at one time. Under $15!

This kit comes complete with cleaner, deodorizer, protector, and a premium brush to keep his hat game on point. Safe to use on almost any material and contains zero harsh chemicals. It’s the hat care set he didn’t even know he needed.

I love how small and convenient this little folding shoe horn is! It comes in a set of two so he can pack one with his travel essentials and keep another at the office. It has an easy grip leather handle and smooth, round edges. Under $10!

With a tagline that states “toothpicks for people who sweat the small stuff”, you know these babies are going to be good. (And bougie). With flavors like bourbon, single malt scotch, and cina-mint, you know he’s going to love them too. Comes with 4 flavors in a stylish little box that you can customize! 

As a person who reheats her coffee up 15 times each day, I can totally appreciate this sleek mug and everything it does. Definitely a stocking stuffer splurge, but IMO, worth it. Set the perfect drinking temperature and the mug maintains that temp for you! No microwave needed! Comes in white or black and with a charging coaster. Perfect for the tech savvy guy in your house!

For any guy that does a lot of physical labor or works out a lot, a regular wedding band can really get in the way. Pop one of these cool silicone bands into his stocking to wear to the gym or on the job, and you won’t have to worry about him losing an expensive band again. They’re also really comfy too! Josh has a few different colors and they’re cheap enough to replace if he loses one! Prices range from $7-40 depending on style.

This is a unique and fun way for him to mark his page in his current read. Under $10 and also great for kids too!

If he’s into outdoor sports or hunting, this little gadget is the perfect way for him to keep warm. It’s refillable and sleek enough to fit right in his pocket. The flameless design even produces 2.5x more heat that the disposable hand warmers! $10!

Pop these babies into the freezer to keep his favorite spirit perfectly chilled for up to two hours. No ice needed, which means his drink won’t become diluted. They also have a black silicone base that acts as a coaster and helps to prevent spills. Set of two!

Keep him calm and centered with this vegan CBD roll-on. Made with all natural ingredients, it’s also paraben, sulfate, and synthetic fragrance and dye free. Roll onto pressure points or breathe deeply to inhale the calming aroma.

Suede shoes may seem like a pain, but they won’t be with this handy kit!  Great for maintaining his fave boots or shoes and keeping them spotless and looking fresh! Comes with an eraser sponge and a horsehair brush. A steal at $12!

Perfect and sleek enough for him to keep in his car, desk, or travel bag, this retractable lint roller will ensure he’s always looking on point for whatever is on his schedule. Under $8!

Another item that he can’t refuse because it has a dude right on the package. (Insert eye roll emoji here). Made with all natural ingredients and designed to help minimize pores, reduce excess shine, and moisturize a man’s skin. They also contain no parabens, phthalates, aluminum, dyes, and are gluten free, and vegan., which means I approve. $4!

If your man has facial hair this gift set is perfect for him! It has three trial-size beard tonics that are made to be highly nourishing and promote a healthier looking beard while moisturizing the skin beneath. The scents are light and natural so he won’t feel overwhelmed. $22 for the three piece set!

And last but certainly not least on the stocking stuffer ideas for him list, these magnetic collar stays were too great not to include, and are great for any guy. They tame fly-away collars, straighten limp collars, and smooth that consistent collar curl. They come conveniently packaged for storage and travel and are TSA friendly too! Under $20!

Stocking stuffer ideas for him

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