Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for KidsNow that we’ve covered the girls and the guys, it’s time to talk about some stocking stuffer ideas for kids! I wanted to put together some items that aren’t sweets and are things that kids will actually use. Some of them will even help your lives go a little easier too 😉 Getting them out from in front of a screen and doing something different was also up there on the top of my list, so a lot of these items are great for families, letting them get creative, or learning a few things too.In case you missed my other two stocking stuffer gift idea lists you can find one for her here and one for him here. But now, let’s get into all of the stocking stuffer ideas for kids!

This game is more of a family gift idea, but fits perfectly in your tweens stocking too. It’s very similar to Cards Against Humanity, but family friendly. It’s great for helping kids enhance their reading skills and keep them away from screens for a bit too!

Great for the smaller kids, these superhero puppets are were just too cute not to include on this stocking stuffer ideas for kids list. They’re 100% cotton and imported from Peru, which I love.

This journal is a great way to get kids into the habit of reflecting on the positivity of their day and learning about happiness and gratitude. The pages are well designed and visually appealing for kids too! A fun new tradition to start in the new year! Under $10!

This bike accessory reminds me of attaching playing cards to my spokes when I was a kid, but is so much easier to use and so much cooler too. Kids will love that their bike sounds like a motorcycle and it lasts a lot longer than anything I used to use! Under $10!

If you have kids that want to jump on the colored hair bandwagon, these are a great stocking stuffer to get. The kit includes 10 temporary chalk pens that are easy to use and wash right out in the bath or shower. You can use them on skin too! Under $15!

If your kids are small enough, these band t-shirts fit perfectly rolled up in their stockings. Grab one to represent your fave artist like this Bowie or Hendrix one! I also really love the retro NFL ones too! If they won’t fit in your older kids stockings, they’d make a cute gift too!

Make bath time even more fun with this little gadget. Fill it with water and watch it rain, or stop it with the push of a button. Easy to clean and simple to use. Under $15!

Just as much of a gift for you as it is for them, these stainless steel sippy cups with straws help to prevent spills, reduce environmental waste, and keep drinks hot or cold for hours. Perfect for those long car rides! BPA free and comes in a set of two. Under $20 for both!

This tape is great for kids to use to create their own roads and racetracks. It’s paper-based, so no scissors or knives are required. Plus, it’s safe for floors, walls, and furniture! Just peel up easily without it leaving any residue. Toxin-free and recyclable. Under $8!

This monthly sticker subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. Each month different sheets of sticks, a reusable pouch, and fun activities for your kids to work on are sent in the mail. Stick the first set in their stocking and have fun waiting for the mail to come the rest of the year!

Replace their boring toothpaste caps with these animals to make brushing a little more motivating and fun. The toothpaste squeezes out of the animals mouths and onto the brush and then cover the cap with the animals hands when done.  Under $10!

I love anything that will get kids away from a screen and outside, and this game is the perfect way to do just that while also exploring nature around them too! The playing time is super flexible and this would be perfect to take on a family trip too! Under $15!

Not sure about your kids, but my step son is obsessed with coloring allll the things right now, so I’ll be putting one of these in his stocking this year. They come with two different markers to color with, then simply wash using the included scrub brush and start all over again. The perfect way to spark some creativity, but also something that will last longer than one round! Under $5!

Something to keep them warm that they’ll actually want to wear? Yep! These unicorn girls gloves and faux spiked boys gloves are so much fun for them to wear, and this face mask will keep them warm all winter long. I’m all about stocking stuffer ideas for kids that do double duty! 😉

While they’re staying warm outside with their new cool gear on, these snow markers will keep them busy decorating the snow. Choose from 4 different colors. Under $5!

If your little ones are afraid of the dark, this color changing nightlight will be a hit. It comes with an easy to use remote to change between 8 different colors that you can dim and set on a timer too. Made from silicone that never gets too warm either!

These nail polishes are washable (yes, I said washable), so they’re perfect for the smallest hands. They won’t stain, are phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene and fragrance free. Plus they dermatologically tested and will come off with soap and water. No remover needed!

These single use bubble bath pods create a tub full of bubbles and are safe enough to use on all skins types, including eczema! They are extra gentle and unscented, plus made with natural ingredients including colloidal oatmeal and allantoin to soothe irritated dry skin. Comes in a 24 pack for under $20!

Add a little flair to her ponytails with these fun pom pom hair ties! They’re faux fur and the neutral colors will go with almost anything. Comes in a set of two. $10!

Start them young and make them feel included at your next sushi dinner with these easy-to-use training chopsticks! They can be used in either the right or left hand and have cool little scratch tips to make picking up food easier. Comes in a set of two for under $5!

I love this no-spill bubble container that comes complete with solution and a wand. The no-spill design means zero mess for you (you can even tip them upside down!), and the container is refillable so you can use it again and again. Perfect for any outdoor activity! Under $10!

This reusable water bottle is a great way to teach kids about protecting the environment and reducing waste. It comes with gems and markers, so they can customize their own bottle, plus a backpack clip so it’s easy to carry around. It’s made of metal and non-toxic too! Perfect for an afternoon craft! Under $15!

Perfect to keep in the car or bring on your next trip, these boys sunglass and girls sunglasses come in fun shapes and patterns and are under $6! Do they make the heart shaped ones in my size?!

These cool creature reactor pods are a fun science activity to help teach new skills about identifying and exploring new species. Each set comes complete with a mini science poster full of fun science facts, a new creature to discover, and a classification card to document their creature’s physical characteristics and identify their name and family just like real scientists. They come in a 6 pack and are under $20!

I’m low key obsessed with these kids books. The writer is from Barcelona and each book explores the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream. David Bowie, Amelia Earheart, Frida Khalo, Bruce Lee, and Mother Teresa are all featured, along with a ton more! Most titles are under $10 and are hardcover.

These joke cards are the perfect fun little treat to slip into their lunch boxes. The set comes in a colorful box with 60 different notecards. It will have them (and their friends!) excited for lunch time!

If your kids are into Legos right now, these fun little sets are perfect to slip into their stockings. There are a ton of different options, including some for girls (like this one and this one), some for boys (like this one and this one), plus some that are universal too (like this one and this one). All are under $10!

This gadget is made for kids and will leave you worry free. Simply pre-set up to 7 channel buttons and let them browse their favorite channels on their own. It even has a built in volume control option too. It will work with a tv or cable box. Under $12!

I can’t stand how cute this wooden sushi kids play set is! It helps to promotes fine motor skills, role playing, and creativity and is durable and long lasting. Take the 21 piece set out of the box and slip it into their stocking for some fun!

I’m always on the hunt for ideas to keep kids busy and away from the screens as much as possible and this pack of model magic is a great option to inspire a little creativity too. The pack comes with multiple colors so you can blend and embellish tons of details. They are separately sealed, but you can always store them in reusable containers to prevent them from drying too. When their creations are done, just air dry them to keep! Under $8!

If your kids don’t know how to tie their shoes yet, these are a great option that will turn any pair of lace up shoes into slip-ons! They and snug but have stretchy support and lock to prevent them from coming undone. Pick from 13 different colors, including rainbow! Under $8!

I might be feeling a little nostalgic, because this next pick definitely brings the 90’s back. Slip one of these into your older kids stockings for a fun throwback. Try not to steal it to play for yourself 😉

This little wooden animal 6 pack is too cute and oh, so charming. They’re fun to play with, but also look great perched up on a shelf in their room too. They’re under $15, but you can usually snag them on sale for under $10!

I do have one sweet treat on this stocking stuffer ideas for kids list. Couldn’t resist! Make hot chocolate a little more fun with this Frosty the Snowman hot chocolate kit. Semi-sweet chocolate spheres are filled with mini marshmallows and coated in white chocolate. Drop one into hot milk and give it a swirl to turn it into a mug of yummy chocolate goodness. Each pack comes with 3 chocolate spheres. Under $20.

These removable and reposition-able stickers are made to use with their favorite Legos. They glow in the dark and won’t leave sticky stuff on the pieces when removed. They come in a variety of different themed packs and are under $5!

If you have active kids you know how stinky their shoes can get. I’ll be sticking a pack of these guys in some stockings this year to help! Under $5!

My step son loves to help out in the kitchen, so if you have a future chef in your house, this little set is the perfect thing to stick in their stocking! Under $15!

You can never have too many crayons laying around, especially these washable ones. No more messy walls or floors! 2 packs for under $6!

If your child isn’t quite old enough to have their own phone yet, this is a great alternative. Program the contacts you want them to have and send voice messages back and forth. You can also use the app on your phone to track them through GPS. Set locations like “home” and “school” and receive notifications when they enter/leave them. Kids can send emergency alerts to everyone on the account too!

Just like the books I mentioned above, these cards come from the same author and have the same concept. The set comes with 40 illustrated cards introducing different facts about important women throughout history. Under $20

For the budding artist in the family, or one that just wants some fresh “ink”, these tattoo pens are a fun and safe way to let them get creative. The pens are non-toxic and wash off with soap and water! The pack includes 6 different tattoo pens and 3 different stencils too. $10!

A pretend kitchen just isn’t complete without this dish of the moment. Made with soft felt, they can stack the perfect avocado toast all day long. Set includes two pieces of toast, two eggs and six pieces of avocado!

Sometimes board game cards can be a bit too much for little hands to handle. These card holders are the perfect way to help them keep their cards organized and hold more than their uncoordinated fingers will let them. Under $5!

Hopefully these stocking stuffer ideas for kids will give you some new and unexpected ideas to fill your little one’s stockings. I’m also not going to complain about being able to cross things off of my shopping list while doing it from the comfort of my own home too!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

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