DIY Holiday Gift Box Wreath

DIY Holiday Gift Box WreathIf you’re still a little behind on the holiday decorating or have yet to get very crafty so far this month, I have a SUPER easy DIY project that you can whip up in an afternoon and it will check off both of those boxes for you! This DIY holiday gift box wreath is so cute and you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to put together.

I stuck with a classic color palette of red, green, and white, but you can customize the colors you want to use or even do a fun rainbow themed wreath too!

DIY Holiday Gift Box WreathHere’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Plain Wreath (Real or Fake)
  • Screwdriver or Similar Tool
  • Small Jewelry Boxes (However many you need to fill the size of wreath you’ll be using)
  • Ribbon
  • Twine, String, or Zip Ties

I used a fake wreath for this post, but a fresh one would work just as well. (If using a fresh wreath, be careful not to get the boxes wet if you spray your wreath regularly).

I picked up the small jewelry boxes at my local craft store. They came in a few colors, but not the red color that I wanted for this DIY holiday gift box wreath, so I used red spray paint to achieve the look that I wanted. If using spray paint on your boxes, allow them to dry completely, on all sides, before moving onto the next step!

DIY Holiday Gift Box WreathUsing a screwdriver, or something similar, gently punch two holes into the bottom of each jewelry box.

DIY Holiday Gift Box WreathCut small pieces of twine or string (small zip ties would work too) that will fit through the holes of your boxes. You want to end up with both ends of the string outside of the box and the middle of the string inside the box.

DIY Holiday Gift Box WreathUsing your ribbon, tie up each little jewelry box like a holiday present. Be careful not to tie up the strands of your twine or string as you’re doing it. (It can be a little tricky!)

DIY Holiday Gift Box WreathCut off the excess ribbon on top.

DIY Holiday Gift Box WreathDIY Holiday Gift Box WreathFlip your wreath over and tie each little “gift” onto the wreath using the string or twine. If your wreath doesn’t have a frame, you can tie them directly onto the actual wreath itself.

DIY Holiday Gift Box WreathFlip the wreath over and check the placement of each “gift” as you go. I like to place them at different places around the wreath so that it doesn’t look too perfect or staged.

DIY Holiday Gift Box WreathDIY Holiday Gift Box WreathContinue to tie the little “gifts” around the wreath until the wreath is full. Cut off the excess string or twine that you used to tie each of the gifts onto the wreath.

DIY Holiday Gift Box WreathThen all you have to do is hang and enjoy!

If you are using a fake wreath, you’ll be able to store it at the end of the season and enjoy it for years to come!

I told you this DIY holiday gift box wreath was easy!

If you’re looking for another DIY wreath project, I love these easy holiday chair wreaths too!

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