DIY Wax Seal Holiday Gift Wrap

DIY Wax Seal Holiday Gift WrapWith everything going on in my life these last few months, I’m a little behind on my holiday gifts. I just finished crossing everything off of my shopping list, but I haven’t even started wrapping anything yet. Luckily, I’ll still be able to wrap the prettiest packages and they won’t take me very long thanks to this DIY wax seal holiday gift wrap idea! It’s so easy to do and looks so chic!

DIY Wax Seal Holiday Gift WrapBefore I ever created my first wax seal, I thought it took a lot more effort and required a lot more skill, but I was so surprised to learn that it doesn’t require either! With the help of a few handy little supplies, that you can pick up at your local craft store or online, you can create this impressive DIY wax seal holiday gift wrap!

The wax comes in a variety of colors, so you can find something to match any holiday gift wrapping that you have. That pop of red is just too pretty!

DIY Wax Seal Holiday Gift WrapHere’s what you’ll need to make your own:

DIY Wax Seal Holiday Gift WrapAttach some ribbon, twine, or other string around your wrapped gift. Cut some individual leaves, flowers, or other greenery and arrange the pieces onto your wrapped gift.

DIY Wax Seal Holiday Gift WrapUsing a lighter, light the wick on the end of the sealing wax.

DIY Wax Seal Holiday Gift WrapDIY Wax Seal Holiday Gift WrapTilt the sealing wax stick over and allow the wax to drip onto the area of the wrapped gift that you want to create your seal. I dripped mine right over the stems of the greenery I was using to help hold it in place, without needing to tape or glue it.

You want a decent sized “puddle” of melted wax in order to create your seal. The “puddle” doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, wax seals look great regardless of their shape. A little bit of imperfection actually looks more authentic.

DIY Wax Seal Holiday Gift WrapOnce you have enough melted wax, press your sealing wax stamper into the melted wax and hold is down firmly for about 10 seconds. Slowly remove the wax stamper by lifting it up on an angle.

DIY Wax Seal Holiday Gift WrapYou’ll be left with an easy and impressive wax seal that looks like it took a lot more time to create than it actually did.

DIY Wax Seal Holiday Gift WrapI love how simple, yet sophisticated, the finished product looks!

DIY Wax Seal Holiday Gift WrapDIY Wax Seal Holiday Gift WrapDon’t be afraid to try this DIY wax seal holiday gift wrap. It’s easy enough for anyone to master and if you feel like you messed something up, you can easily just re-wrap the gift you’re working on and start over. But I promise, after the first seal you create, you’ll feel comfortable and ready to add this gorgeous little embellishment onto all of your holiday gifts this year!

If you have a few gifts for your furry friend that need to be wrapped too, I love this fun idea!

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