Outdoor Activities You Can Order On Amazon

Outdoor Activities You Can Order On AmazonAround the country, most people are stuck at home and the boredom is really starting to set in during this quarantine period. We’ve been trying to find new things to do and we’re especially trying to find new ways to get outside to break up the monotony of staring at a computer or tv screen all day.  I’ve been rummaging through our garage and pulling out all of our favorite games to play in the backyard and thought it would be really helpful to share some of our favorites with you guys, in case you’re stuck in the same boat too. So I put together a list of 25 outdoor activities that you can order on Amazon! (And they’re all Prime too which means that they’ll only take a few days to arrive!) They’ll work for kids, families, or adults and they’re perfect to have on hand to keep you busy during quarantine, but they’ll also be great to keep stored away for the next time you can actually have people over and host your next backyard bbq too!

I know that buying backyard games isn’t on everyone’s radar right now, given the state of how things have been going with the economy and jobs, but it’s a great list to reference down the road, if you’re looking for a little something to liven up your outdoor backyard time with the fam. And if you know someone that is struggling to make ends meet right now, sending them something fun to do with the family from this list is a GREAT way to lift their spirits and help to keep the family entertained during tough times!

But let’s get to the list. Here are my top 25 outdoor activities you can order on Amazon!

The bargains ($20 or less) – 

Giant Uno ($19) – This classic game is so much more fun when the cards are giant sized and perfect for the family to play outside! This one would be great to take to the beach or a bbq with friends once this quarantine ends!

Go Find It Game ($13) – This scavenger hunt game is great for family walks, trips to the park, or exploring around the neighborhood. Playing time is flexible and this one is great for smaller kids too.

Horseshoes ($20) – This lightweight set is great for the whole family to play and safe for little kids. The pieces are rubber, which means no damaged grass, and the set is simple to set-up.

Disc Toss ($20) – A fun family toss game that is great for the whole family or adults only. The stand height can be adjusted, depending on who is playing, and the distance can be set depending on how challenging you want to make it.

Flickin Chicken’ ($18) – This one is what you’d get if rubber chickens meet miniature golf. It’s great for the whole family and one that will have everyone laughing.  Simple rules and easy for kids ages 6 and up to play.

Toss Across ($17) – This one goes waaaaaay back. I think we had a set when I was younger and it’s still a great game today! The classic game of tic tac toe, with a twist. Fun to play outside, but it would work just as well inside if the weather isn’t great. It’s easy enough for kids to play too.

Middle of the road (less than $50) – 

Giant Checkers Set ($30) – Don’t ask me why, but everything is more fun when it’s oversized (which you’ll see is a recurring theme on this outdoor activities you can order on Amazon list) including checkers! This set is perfect to take outside and setup on the driveway or on the grass. (It also works inside too). The set comes with everything you need, including a carrying bag.

Lawn Bowling ($36) – This backyard bowling game is great for all ages, from toddlers to adults. The set comes with everything you need to play a classic game of 10 pin bowling or European skittle ball, plus a mesh bag for easy storage.

Badminton Set ($30) – This set comes complete with everything you need to set up a backyard game for up to 4 players. The height of the net adjusts to accommodate younger players and comes with a carrying box to make everything easy to store.

Practice Golf Hitting Mat ($23) – We originally purchased this for the little man of the house to use, but I’m so glad we did because now Josh has something to practice with in the backyard using plastic balls. Great for teaching little ones how to hit or for the big “kids” in the house to use to brush up on their skills when they need a break outside. You could even use it for a makeshift “Top Golf” experience by setting up different targets in the backyard and popping a few cold beers in a bucket.

Lawn Darts ($27) – This one is a classic game that’s great for the whole family to play and really easy to set up. It works best on soft surfaces, like grass or sand because the darts are rubber (perfect for the backyard or the local park). I love the fun glow in the dark twist with this set though, which makes playing late night games more fun for adults too!

Spike Ball ($45) – If you’ve never played Spike ball, it’s a cross between volleyball and hand ball. It’s a fun and fast paced game that’s great for kids and adults too. I’ve seen many adults get VERY into this one. You can take this easy to assemble set with you anywhere in the carrying case it comes with. It’s great to play in the backyard, but later it’s also fun to bring to the beach, tailgating, or a bbq.

Yard Pong ($38) – This game, despite having a college party reputation, is great for adults and kids of all ages to play and will test your skills in different ways with this giant version. The set comes with 12 buckets, 2 balls, and a carrying bag, which makes it easy to transport. Great for everyone to play in the backyard to pass the time right now, but fun to take along to other events down the road too!

Washer Toss ($45) – This set is already assembled, so you just have to open to play. It includes two targets (that attach together to make a carrying case) and 8 washers. Great for all ages and skill levels and easy to set up in smaller backyards too!

Large Toppling Tower ($42) – This one is a CLASSIC but even more fun in a larger size (over 3 ft. tall!), which makes it perfect for outside play. Great for kids or adults and I love that this version comes with additional rules and a point scoring system to make the traditional game even more fun. It comes with 54 blocks, a carrying case, a dry erase board, and a rules sheet.

Pindaloo ($22) – This one is a handheld activity that is great for older kids and teens (and adults that want to try their hand at it too 😉 ) It’s great for ADHD, autism or other educational, learning, or writing disabilities as a cool form of therapy for the relief of daily stress. It also helps to develop focus, creativity and creative thinking for everyone. Once kids master the basics, there are endless throwing and catching tricks to kill that afternoon boredom when it sets in.

Kubb ($25) – The simple concept of this game makes it great for family members of all ages, and advanced strategy makes it a challenge for adults and college students too. The game is different every time you play, which makes it entertaining and perfect for a backyard quarantine activity. It’s easy to set up and works on any surface. This set includes everything you need, plus a mesh carrying bag and rule handbook too.

Bocce Ball ($39) – This one definitely had to make the outdoor activities you can order on Amazon list because it’s one of our favorites and if you’ve checked out my instagram page lately you’ll see that we had this set out last weekend. It’s really easy to play and the little man loves it too. It works perfectly in the backyard on grass, but it would work on sand or dirt too. We’ve been known to have some serious smack talk going around during our games!

Outdoor Dominos ($28) – Another classic game that is great for all ages, but SO much more fun in this giant outdoor version. The set comes with 28 pieces and a carrying case to make storage and transport easy. Great for the backyard now and future bbq’s and outdoor parties later!

Giant Lawn Dice ($29) – I’m a sucker for anything oversize, if you haven’t been able to clue into that yet, and these giant dice are 3.5″ each! I love the wooden stained look they have too. The set comes complete with a two sided dry erase scoreboard featuring two classic dice games (rollzee or farkle), but you can use them for any dice games that your family loves.

Ladder Toss ($39) – This game is great for players of all ages and perfect for the backyard or park. This set includes everything you need to play and with pre-glued pieces, it’s quick to set up. The bolos in this set are made with real golf balls for authentic gameplay and I like the thick rope which prevents them from getting tangled.

Croquet Set ($43) – I didn’t actually know how to “officially” play croquet until this year when Josh taught me the rules, but it’s a fun and easy game for even the smaller kids to understand. It’s also completely adaptable to your own backyard layout, which makes it great wherever you live. The set comes with enough supplies for up to 6 players and a carrying case for easy storage.

The splurges (Over $50) – 

Large Connect Four ($70) – The classic game is easy to learn and great for players of all ages. This set is 3′ tall and comes with 42- 4″ discs. It also comes with bonus adult themed drinking games to guarantee outdoor fun for hours for the older people in the house too. It’s easy to assemble and comes with a carrying case to make transport simple.

Cornhole Set ($67) – This simple game is perfect for all ages to play at the park or in the backyard. The boards are fully assembled which makes set-up a breeze. I also love that this set is unfinished when it arrives, so you can decorate and customize the game boards for your family first, before getting into the game!

Bean Bag Bucketz ($60) – A super simple game that combines corn hole, washer toss and Frisbee golf into something that’s fun for adults and great for families too. The set comes with everything you need and is easy to set up. This one will have you going back to play again and again!

Which one of these outdoor activities is your families favorite?!

If you want to browse through each of the outdoor activities you can order on Amazon, you can find a direct link for all of them on my Amazon Shop page.

And if you’re looking for some fun DIY projects to tackle right now I love these fruit planters, these homemade gummy worms, and these diamond wine charms!

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