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Support Veterans with BLUE Buffalo Dog FoodSupport Veterans with BLUE Buffalo Dog FoodAs you guys already know, I have a pug that’s full of energy and a little trouble maker. She also happens to be VERY picky about her food. As much as pugs love their food, Sophie has no problem taking a sniff of her bowl and walking away if it’s not something she thinks is going to be delicious (spoiled much?). About a year ago, I made the switch over to Blue Buffalo® and she LOVES it. Not only do I feel great feeding her something that’s such high quality, but I recently found out that Blue Buffalo® has teamed up with Sierra Delta to help supply service dogs to veterans! During the month of November, you guys can also choose to help support veterans with Blue Buffalo®!Josh’s dad served in the U.S. Military and was part of the Army infantry. He even served in the Vietnam war. I know how much he sacrificed to serve his county, as do so many other veterans! Once our soldiers come home, many of them need additional support in different ways, which can include service dogs! But did you know that only 1 in 150 vets in need of service dogs are currently served?! If you’re like me, I had NO clue.

Service dog programs are very expensive and there aren’t enough qualified training organizations out there helping to provide consistent outcomes. Many veterans who are enrolled in programs also lack the ongoing support and community that’s need to maintain positive engagement after their initial training is completed. So that’s where Sierra Delta steps in! Their mission is to support more veterans by partnering them with a service dog! Not only do they increase access and improving efficiency to eliminate the shortage of service dogs for our military heroes, but they are also helping to prevent the euthanization of large adoptable rescue dogs! (Insert sappy tears here).

Support Veterans with BLUE Buffalo Dog FoodI started purchasing BLUE Life Protection Formula™ ​Natural Adult Dry Dog Food​ for Sophie because I knew that I could trust her food would always feature high-quality real meats and proteins. Not only are natural ingredients used, but they are also formulated with vitamins and minerals to help keep her healthy and feeling the best she can every day, but what I didn’t know was that I can help to support veterans with Blue Buffalo® dog food during the month of November! Click HERE to add this to your next Walmart shopping order.

Support Veterans with BLUE Buffalo Dog FoodI used to make an extra trip to go to my local pet store to pick up a bag, but now Walmart has started to carry the Blue Buffalo® brand, which makes my shopping trips so much easier. (I love how colorful the bags are too). You guys all know how I love to make one stop to grab everything on my list and Walmart makes that very easy for me to do. (You can head to the link here to find all of my favorite Blue Buffalo® products!)

Support Veterans with BLUE Buffalo Dog FoodIf you buy any BLUE Life Protection Formula™ or BLUE Wilderness™ dry food during the month of November, Blue Buffalo® will donate $1 for every small bag of food sold (up to $275,000!) to Sierra Delta Service Dogs for Heroes. Not only are you feeding your dog something nutritious, but you’re also helping a veteran find a companion too! I love knowing that I’m making the easy choice to support a brand that I already use and love, while also supporting an amazing cause, which is a huge bonus!

You can find out more about how Blue Buffalo®, Walmart, and Sierra Delta are working together to support veterans here.

Support Veterans with BLUE Buffalo Dog FoodSupport Veterans with BLUE Buffalo Dog FoodOne of Sophie’s favorite flavors is the BLUE Life Protection Formula™ Natural Adult Dry Dog Food in Chicken and Brown Rice. (She literally licks her bowl clean guys).

I really love the BLUE Life Protection Formula™ Natural Adult Small Breed Dry Dog Food (which also comes in the same Chicken and Brown Rice flavor) because it comes in small pieces of kibble, which are easier for smaller breeds, like Sophie, to eat! The small breed varieties also have a specific blend of protein and carbohydrates which supports higher energy needs.

Support Veterans with BLUE Buffalo Dog FoodIf you have an older dog, the senior and large-breed formulas contain glucosamine and chondroitin to help support much needed joint health and mobility.

Support Veterans with BLUE Buffalo Dog FoodFlavors and varieties are available in both dry and wet recipes, plus they also make tasty treats (that Sophie would vouch for if she could!).

Support Veterans with BLUE Buffalo Dog FoodThis is her “I hear food” face.

Not only do I highly recommend Blue Buffalo® (and Sophie does too!), but I love the idea that I’m helping to support veterans by adding Blue Buffalo® dog food to Sophie’s bowl!

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