Homemade Root Beer Recipe

Homemade Root Beer Recipe

I find that people either love or hate root beer…there’s no in between. I’m a fellow root beer lover and especially love it during the month of October! It’s become one of my Halloween traditions to make this homemade root beer recipe each year and it pairs perfectly with a good Halloween movie and some marshmallow popcorn too! (Take my word for it). Add in a little dry ice and you’ve got a spooky and magical brew that’s perfect for all the little ghosts and ghouls this time of year.

Although, technically, this homemade root beer recipe would be great to use all year long, I especially love it during Halloween! The dark liquid topped with whipped cream, or served with dry ice, really fits in well with all things creepy! It’s perfect to serve a crowd or a fun recipe to make for the kids every year to celebrate.

Armed with a few simple ingredients (that you can pickup at most grocery stores) you’re only about 10 minutes away from a new holiday favorite!

Homemade Root Beer Recipe

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Homemade Root Beer Recipe

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This recipe is easy to make and delish! It’s perfect to serve up during spooky season in a cauldron with some dry ice or in individual glasses topped with whipped cream!



4 Quarts Water

2 Cups Sugar

23 Tbsp. Root Beer Extract

12 Pounds Dry Ice (In Pieces)


In a large pitcher, combine the water, sugar, and root beer extract together.

If using dry ice, carefully add in the pieces of dry ice and stir.

When serving, pour or ladle into individual glasses.

If using dry ice, do not add the ice to the glasses, or wait to drink it until the ice has melted. Also be careful not to ingest it or touch it with your skin!


The dry ice will add a slight carbonated feel, but if you want more of that “carbonated feel”, skip the dry ice and use carbonated water for the mix instead.

Add more or less root beer extract depending on your flavor preferences. Start with 2 tbsp. and  work your way up from there.

If you want to avoid using dry ice for this recipe, top your root beer with creamy whipped cream for a similar effect without the stress of handling dry ice.

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Keep in mind that dry ice will completely evaporate after about 24 hours, so only buy the amount you think you’ll need.

If you don’t want to mess with dry ice, you can serve this homemade root beer individually in glasses topped with whipped cream. As the whipped cream melts, it slowly starts to spread down into the glasses and reminds me of spooky ghosts! It doesn’t hurt that it’s a delicious alternative too!

Homemade Root Beer RecipeHomemade Root Beer Recipe

This homemade root beer recipe would be perfectly spooky served in a big black witches cauldron, with a ladle, and some smoking dry ice! 😉

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