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frequently asked questions

I saw something you shared on the blog, IG feed, or on stories. Where can I buy it?

If I shared something on the instagram feed or on stories you can find links under the “shop” tab on the blog homepage.

If I shared something on the blog, I will share a link to the items in the same post, so scroll through until you see the clickable shopping links.

To shop anything home/house related, you can click the home shopping tab.

To find my favorite amazon products, head over to my amazon storefront.


To stay up to date with any products that I share, follow along with me on the Like To Know It App! 


I always try to link the exact item that I feature, but sometimes the item is out of stock or no longer available. If that’s the case, I’ll link similar items to help achieve the same or a similar look.

Do you offer any of your free printables in any other colors/styles?

All of the free printable files that I post on the blog only come in the sizes, colors, and styles that are posted in the downloadable file. I’m not able to customize them or offer other options. Thanks for understanding!

Who designed your blog?

Mara Design Co., who are the most patient and understanding people of all time. The new site took a few years to create and finalize, mostly because I was indecisive and couldn’t get my life together enough to make decisions! 

I love your blog and would love to contribute! Do you accept guest posts?

Unfortunately, I don’t accept any guest posts, articles or infographics. I really want to keep this space as true to myself and my style as possible, and want to make sure it’s consistent.

I will partner with brands that I feel fit the “Let’s Mingle” aesthetic, but will create unique content in my own voice/style. If you’re interested in having your product featured, please reach out on the contact page!

Where are you from?

I was originally born and raised in a town called Brampton, which is located outside of Toronto, Ontario in Canada. When I was 11, my family moved to the good old US of A and settled in Salt Lake City, Utah. I lived there for 24 years before getting married and moving across the country to Charlotte, North Carolina, which is where I currently live!

How did you and Josh meet?

We met the old fashioned way….on a dating app. Ha. (Thank you Bumble!) He was in town for work when we matched. We went on two dates in person before he left to go back home and then we started traveling to see each other about 1-2 times a month after that. We dated long distance for about 2 years before I moved.

You can find out more about Josh here, see our wedding photos here, and our wedding video here!

Where can I find the music playlists that you share?

You can find any of the curated Let's Mingle playlists that I share on my Spotify channel here, but make sure to follow along to see when I post new ones too!

Can I share your photos / videos?

Yes! If you do share want to share one of my photos/videos or you try out an idea or recipe of mine, please make sure to link back to the original post and give proper credit.

All photos, images, and content on this site, unless otherwise stated, are created by me for Let's Mingle exclusively and should be credited as so.

Thanks for sharing!